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TV Management - 6 has made the statement in connection with armed assault on TV presenter Ildara Zhandareva

In entered " News " from a press - services of a broadcasting company the document the trouble in connection with " is expressed; variety of criminal actions concerning employees of TV - 6 recently ". Beating and a robbery of the TV presenter, " and also the threats voiced him at armed assault, directly specify in discontent with WRK of our broadcasting company " affirms as the statement.

" an unprecedented case W Ildarom Zhandarevym, unfortunately, not unique in a chain of illegal actions concerning employees of TV - 6 " - authors of the document underline. So, on October, 13th this year in the morning directly in the street to the leader of the program " the Earth - Air " to Vasily Utkin it has been put two getting wounds.

26 numbers of the same MTH before ceremony of delivery of award TEFI concerning the general director of TV channel Evgenie Kiselyov have been made the actions qualified by militia as " small hooliganism " " in spite of the fact that " hooligans " recognised that them have employed to carry out this action " it is marked in the statement./ when Evgenie Kiselyov entered into a concert hall building " Russia " to it in a back some tomatoes have been thrown. This episode the televiewers could observe, ceremonies of delivery looking a direct transmission " TEFI "/.

on November, 19th, it is SPK further in the statement, unknown persons by TEL threatened with physical violence to Sergey Bazhenkovu, the head of the company " Pilot Ti - Vi " letting out the program " Put out the light! " and on November, 20th in apartment of the correspondent of the information program " Now " Svetlanas Kunitsynoj " neighbours have rushed and have cruelly beaten it " .

25 numbers of the same MTH the apartment of the employee of the program " has been robed; Total " " mozgoveda " Andrey Bilzho. " Actions of thieves are recognised by rather strange and deliberate " - affirms as the document.

" all these events which have occurred in the shortest terms round employees of one broadcasting company, lead to a conclusion ABT that, they could be planned and carried out our competitors whom has forced to go on this sharp increase in ratings of programs and a share of audience of TV - 6 to last six MTH " - considers MNVK " TV - 6 Moscow ".

Thereupon the broadcasting company management was converted 2 the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow " with the request carefully to analyse and compare all facts for the purpose of prevention of even more serious criminal actions concerning employees of TV - 6 " it is SPK in the statement.