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the All-Russia party " Unity and Fatherland " three co-chairmen will supervise, Sergey Shojgu

the All-Russia party " has informed; Unity and Fatherland "/ " an United Russia "/ which constituent congress has passed on Saturday in the State Kremlin palace, three co-chairmen will supervise. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " at final conference after congress closing the co-chairman of party Sergey Shojgu selected 2DAY 2 the chairman of the High council of party has declared.

answering a question of journalists Y it became the chairman of the High council, Shojgu has underlined that " someone should be engaged in organizational WRK ". He has come out with the assumption that has RCVed this fast, as " is the youngest on age the co-chairman of party ".

In turn, other co-chairman " an United Russia " The president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev has noticed that it is necessary to party " to learn to work in the conditions of multi-party system ". Having underlined that " in bottoms, except the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, now nobody works " he has specified in necessity " daily WRK W people ". Thus Shaymiev has noticed that " people now need an explanation, including politicians of the state ".

Mintimer Shaymiev has declared that party " will support those decisions of public authorities which will coincide with its program purposes ". He was voiced 2 for, that " an United Russia " in every possible way promoted federalism development in our country.