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Russia and Canada act with similar positions concerning fight against terrorism, and also on problems of the ABM and SNV

Russia and Canada act with similar positions concerning fight against terrorism, and also on problems of the ABM and SNV. Such position of the party have developed during come to the end the day before in Moscow interdepartmental Russian - the Canadian consultations concerning strategic stability.

as have informed " News " in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, assistants to Ministers for Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence have taken part in consultations, the Canadian investigation and the Canadian royal mounted police. The Russian delegation George Mamedov headed zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

the great attention at a MTG has been given fight against terrorism questions. The parties have agreed " to study the legislation in this sphere more densely. Now in Canada the whole package of documents on struggle against the international terrorism prepares. Besides, has noted a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the exchange of experience was spent by representatives of special services of two countries. According to the interlocutor, the Canadian party directly recognised that Russia " for a long time warned ABT the threat of the international terrorism proceeding including from territory of Afghanistan ". " Canada completely divides that approach which Russia showed long before acts of terrorism in the USA, " - the source has told.

prospects Russian - the American interaction concerning SNV and the ABM have not stood aside also. The Russian side has similarly explained summit results in Washington and Crawford. As the interlocutor has specified, Canada " disturb attempts of unilateral actions of the American side ". The Canadian management frostily concerns possibility of updating or Contract destruction on the ABM from 1972, watches closely nuances of approaches of the USA and Russia 2 reduction SNV, has noted a source.

Ottawa adheres to the formula from 4 elements: Legal fastening of such reductions, them proverjaemost, a transparency and irreversibility. Such position " very precisely lays down on Russian side concern " has noted a source. Canada supports that changes in these areas have not led to blasting of strategic stability in the world.

the problematics of relations Russia - the NATO Was discussed also. As it is known, Canada is included into number " leaders - enthusiasts " among the countries of an alliance supporting transformation and deducing on new level of cooperation with Moscow. According to the source, Ottawa is ready to go on " courageous experiment " - to make the joint agenda 4 discussion W Russia in a format " the twenty ".

such questions, as prospects of coming into force of the Contract on universal prohibition of nuclear tests/ DVZJAI/, a problem of coming into force of the convention on prohibition of the biological weapon, the further advancement " Besides, were mentioned; Ottavsky process " - convention performance on prohibition of antipersonnel mines, space demilitarisation, struggle against the organised crime and suppression of financing of terrorists, cooperation in frameworks " Northern measurement ".

It is remarkable, according to the interlocutor that consultations have passed on the threshold of planned on 9 - on December, 11th visit of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation of Michael Kasyanov to Canada.