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Russians will play W Belgians in a final match of group tournament of the World championship on football

In a final match of group tournament of the World championship on football Russian national team will play W Belgians. As the correspondent " passes; News " the match of rivals on group Ash will take place on Friday on June, 14th, 2002 in Shizuoke, the same day in Osaka pomerjajutsja forces of the command of Tunis and Japan.

the national team of Belgium took part in 10 final tournaments of the World championships/ 1930, 1934, 1938, 1954, 1970, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998/. In total it plays 32 games in which 9 victories are gained at 7 drawn games and 16 defeats W the general difference of the hammered and passed balls 40 - 56. The higher achievement of the command is 4 - e a place won in 1986 in the World championship in Mexico.

Belgians occupy 20 - e a place in current rating FIFA.

Before to become the finalist of the World championship - 2002, the national team of Belgium has passed the following way in a selection cycle:

- 2 - e a place in 6 - j to the European selection group W the subsequent exit on butt matches: on September, 2nd, 2000, Belgium - Croatia 0:0; on October, 7th, 2000, Latvia - Belgium 0:4; on February, 28th, 2001, Belgium - the Dignity - Marino 10:1; on March, 24th, 2001, Scotland - Belgium 2:2; on June, 2nd, 2001, Belgium - Latvia 3:1; on June, 6th, 2001, the Dignity - Marino - Belgium 1:4; on September, 5th, 2001, Belgium - Scotland 2:0; on October, 6th, 2001, Croatia - Belgium 1:0;

- victory in butt matches and an exit in a final stage: on November, 10th, 2001, Belgium - Czechia 1:0; on November, 14th, 2001, Czechia - Belgium 0:1.

At domestic football players a special sports abacus W the command of Belgium which they met in a final part of the World championships three times. And if in 1970 in Mexico the command of the USSR of special stirrings has not tested, having defeated group tournament with the bill 4:1/ Anatoly Byshovets - 2, Kahi Asatiani, Vitaly Hmelnitsky - Lambert/ after twelve years in Spain Horena Oganesyan`s only exact blow has brought our national team victory in the second group round - 1:0.

And here in four years when Mexico became a venue of the next World championship again, in a match of the second round of final tournament the real drama was played. Our football players conducted in the bill 1:0 and 2:1, however Belgians managed to recoup and translate a match in " an overtime " and they have hammered in two balls into additional half an hour, whereas a national team of the USSR - only one. On the heth - trik Igor Belanova/ two balls from game and one from a penalty/ the national team of Belgium has responded four/ to Shifo, Kulemans, De Mol, Klassen/, two of which were rather doubtful as it seemed to much that they are hammered from ofsajda. Anyway, the Soviet command has lost 3:4 and has left the further struggle.