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Heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Balkan countries support cooperation in struggle against the organised crime and human trafic

the States-participants of Process of cooperation of Jugo - the Eastern Europe have supported cooperation in struggle against human trafic and the organised crime and for visa regime liberalisation.

about it it is SPK in the total document which has been accepted on Tuesday in Belgrad at a MTG of Ministers of Internal Affairs of 8 states - Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey. Croatia was present at a MTG as the country - the observer.

on total a press - conferences the co-ordinator of the Pact of stability of Jugo - east Europe Erhard Busek has declared that expansion of cooperation of the Balkan countries will help them to come nearer to the European union. As he said, EU " demands from the region countries to find ways 2 visa regime liberalisation that will facilitate inflow of the western investments to the Balkans ".

The Assistant to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro/ SiCh/ Alexander Joksimovich has in turn voiced fear that W reception of new members in EU " new dividing walls " will be put up;. In particular, Hungary since November enters visas to citizens of SiCh. In Jugo - the Eastern Europe, according to Joksimovich, " will appear new " black holes ". On continent all will move freely, except for citizens of some countries on the Balkans " - considers zamglavy Ministry of Internal Affairs SiCh.