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Members of the Interarabian committee and diplomats of the United Nations will discuss next week conditions round Iraq

Committee on adjustment of relations between Iraq on the one hand and the USA W Kuwait W another will be spent next week by a number of MTGs with diplomats of the United Nations in New York. On it have informed on Tuesday the Lebanese mass-media referring to the high-ranking source in sekretate Leagues of the Arabian States/ the LOG/.

the structure of the committee created following the results of the Arabian summit in Charm an ale - the Sheikh, includes representatives of Lebanon, Bahrain, Tunis, Egypt, Syria and the LOG.

According to the available information, in the beginning of the next week participants of committee will carry on negotiations W the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan, the head of the Commission of supervision, control and inspections/ JUNMOVIK/ Hans Bliksom and the director of the International agency for atomic energy/ IAEA/ Mohammed Al - Baradei in a staff - United Nations apartment in New York.

During MTGs on which there will be representatives of the countries - constant councillors of Security, the Arabian countries will state the position on settlement of the Iraq crisis.

according to decisions of the summit the LOG in Charm an ale - the Sheikh, the Interarabian committee should do the utmost not to admit war in Persian gulf and to start the mechanism of the peace decision of the Iraq problem.