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Kirienko showered Merkushkin with gifts

the Plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Privolzhsky federal district Sergey Kirienko has presented to the head of republic Mordovia Nikolaju Merkushkinu three gifts.

as have informed " News " in a press - service of the plenipotentiary, at ceremony of inauguration of the head of Mordovia Kirienko has told that in republic 2DAY the feast, and the first gift will be a bottle filled on 83 percents with moonshine by a strong hold of 87 percents of Kirienko has explained that 83 percents symbolise an appearance of voters on elections, and 87 - percent voted for Nikolay Merkushkin.

the site of calibration of oil, W an inscription " became the second gift; For the contribution to deep oil refining ".

According to Sergey Kirienko, it as the former oil industry worker knows that, except oil recovery, process of its processing is very important: " The more deeply oil refining, the above quality of the RCVed oil products, accordingly, above profit for their realisation ".

" Nikolay Ivanovich Merkushkin has made what it was possible to nobody to make earlier - it has reduced all processes of processing, and of oil money RCVs directly as in Mordovia some oil companies are registered, thus, that the oil in republic is not present " - the plenipotentiary has told.

the third gift - a symbol of the big work which, according to the plenipotentiary, inhabitants not only appreciate Mordovias, but also all " the Big Volga " there was a stylised version of a picture of Ilya Repin " Barge hauliers on Volga ". In the form of barge hauliers on it heads of subjects of the Federation entering into Association " are represented; the Big Volga " Kirienko has told.