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All 9 natural fires which have flashed for days in Moscow suburbs, are extinguished

Moscow, 27 ijul - News. All nine wood and peat fires which have arisen on Tuesday in Moscow suburbs, are extinguished, the operating centres are not present, informs on Wednesday central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Moscow Region.

" For the last days in territory of Moscow Region have arisen and nine centres of natural fires on a total area of 2,63 hectares " have been liquidated; - it is SPK in a MSG.

Six peat fires on the area of 0,56 hectares have arisen in Shatursky and Dmitrovsky areas. Wood has lighted up in Taldomsky, Shchelkovo, Pavlovo - Posadsky areas. The total area of three flashed centres has exceeded two hectares.

" the Operating centres of natural fires are not present " - marks department.

the aircraft was applied To suppression of forest fires on Tuesday. Helicopter Ka - 32 has dumped in total 50 tons of water in a seat of fire in Taldomsky area.

Daily aviainvestigation of territories, and also land patrol some times is a day spent.

All from the beginning of the fire-dangerous period in Moscow suburbs there were 388 centres of natural fires on a total area about 135 hectares.

in the Summer of 2010 which has appeared it is abnormal hot and droughty, woods and peatbogs in Moscow suburbs have captured natural fires in this connection since August, 2nd the decree of the president of the Russian Federation in Moscow Region had been entered mode CHS. In spite of the fact that W fires it was possible to consult in September, mode CHS has completely ceased to operate in Moscow suburbs only in November. This year peatbogs in Moscow suburbs burn AGN.