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Bobroterapija in operation

since July, 28th will be presented to the Russian spectator rare possibility to discuss Mela Gibson`s actor`s abilities, instead of its private life: in hire there is a tragicomedy " the Beaver " W its participation. This picture - the third director`s WRK of Dzhodi Foster which in a film chooses from a film object of the ATTN of complexity of family relations.  

ANY1 of us on - to the a horse

Life of the director of firm on manufacture of toys Uoltera Bleka (Mel Gibson) from outside seems quite safe: at it own business, the clear head - a WF and two sons. But it only from outside. Uolter suffers from the most severe long depression which makes some years life a misery not only to him, but also his family.

Sons suffer affliction from an ATTN lack: The senior, Malt liquor (Anton Elchin), endures the first teenage LUV and obviously needs fatherly advice, and small Henry (the District leah Thomas Stewart) and at all becomes reserved, becoming the derelict at school. Hardly it is necessary also to the spouse of hero Meredit (Dzhodi Foster) - she is urged to solve all vital issues: business of Bleka has fallen into decay, and the house collapses in the face of.

Having tried all possible ways of treatment, the hero already was decides to settle scores with life as AOTS RCVs the unexpected help in the form of a doll - the beaver which gets from a dustbin. " I have come to save thy inutile life " - SPK Uolteru the beaver and starts to operate.

Becoming in literal sense the left hand of Uoltera, the beaver SPK from his name and gradually gains authority of associates. On WRK a shaggy beast W " the huge muzhik sticking out of back pass " gives out on - a mount fresh ideas, houses – becomes the exemplary husband and the father.

But if at office wild behaviour of Uoltera huge sales Meredit is obvious against the husband - the beaver, and with interest compensate Malt liquor and at all considers the father as the loony. And the hero any more does not know, who glavnee - it or its annoying plush alter an ego.

However, on ANY1 of Blekov, except improbably correct so boring Meredit, it is possible to make a hospital map.

Small Henry, for example, B4 such degree is imperceptible and closed that native mother regularly drives by it by the car. Malt liquor W maniacal persistence collects stickers on which writes down the lines and the manners close to manners of the father. It is similar to Uoltera more than is ready to admit to itself it, and the open disregard 2 the father at all does not do to it honour.

Returning of lascivious Mela

the Main intrigue of this film are, perhaps, not director`s abilities of Dzhodi Foster, not a plot or the unexpected ending, and occurrence on Gibson`s big screen Mela which within several years was known only thanks to the alcoholic uproars, Antisemitic statements, loud divorce W a WF and to rupture W Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorevoj. After a train of scandals of Melu have declared the present boycott: many directors, producers and colleagues - actors refused to work W it, and an exit " the Beaver " EVN it was necessary to postpone for some MTH while conversations on history W Grigorevoj have not ceased.

On this background depression, a baggy suit, wrinkles and naturally lowered shoulders of the former cool guy from " the Deadly weapon " and the romantic hero from " Valiant heart " in " the Beaver " look more than plausibly. Therefore 4 rehabilitation of Melu it would be difficult to best role to find, after all and pity can sometimes be of use Gud service.

And still there is a probability that " the Beaver " becomes " a swan song " Gibson. In spite of the fact that on the Cannes film festival display " the Beaver " has come to the end with an ovation which can minister the proof of that the filmland agrees to accept " lascivious Mela " back, failure results of gathering in the American hire SPK that the spectator of it is not ready to make yet.