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Novosibirsk scientists have deduced a new pet - a spotty fox

Scientists of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk) have repeated great biological experiment of the ancient person on domestication of animals, having tamed foxes. Only if at the cave person, according to some experts, on it millenaries have left, modern experts needed half a century. For such term of a fox W which scientists work, have 4gotten about natural aggression, have learnt to wag joyfully a tail at the sight of the person, began to allow to iron itself and EVN to take on hands. Thus, changing in the behaviour, tamed foxes of a steel and more " nice " outwardly that while remains 4 a science a riddle.

the Way of 15 thousand years

According to Cand.Biol.Sci. managing sector of genetics of marten Institute of cytology and genetics ((ITSiG) Oleg Trapezova`s Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the ancient person about 15 thousand years ago has begun great biological experiment on domestication of animals. It is considered that wolves were the first. But the domestication secret has been lost in centuries.

Academician Dmitry Beljaev (the founder of a modern method odomashivanija) has assumed that deducing of manual animals was carried out by means of selection of more manual in relation to the person of individuals – not such aggressive as wild, less timid. The Siberian scientists have gone this way and by today have achieved considerable results.

" Our institute studies variability of kinds practically from him creations. All WRK on this fur farm have begun W experiments W foxes 50 years ago. All has begun that began to plant a fox in the conditions of capture, in cellular conditions " - Trapezov has told.

the Scientist has explained that employees select those animals at whom in behaviour aggression is considerably lowered, the fear is less expressed and there is a bent for to the person, and strengthen them by means of crossing W " more house individuals ". That the manual behaviour at a wild animal has started to dominate, it is required not less than ten generations, that is not less than ten years.

As he said, now every fourth puppy shows signs of domestication and is selected on nation 4 the further improvement of signs of manual behaviour.

Manual foxes change colour

" During experiment they EVN change appearance. Domestication first sign is occurrence of white stains – these are white " nosochki " " hats " grudki which we can C at dogs, cats, sheep. In the wild nature at animal such labels does not appear " - Trapezov has told.

But thus he has noticed that if to select foxes only on the basis of clarification, speed of domestication will decrease.

He has added that the reason of occurrence of these stains remains till now a riddle 4 scientists.

to Create from a fox a dog

" 4 the tamed foxes there is characteristic a dog behaviour: they 2 swing tails, jump up – rejoice that 2 them visitors have come, want, that W them have played, have stroked them. They reach for the person " - the scientist tells.

According to Trapezova, foxes are absolutely nonaggressive, and it is possible to take them in a family, as a usual dog. However foxes very curious animals, therefore the house is slightly more preferable than apartment to them. " Their curiosity will lead to that they will tear up to pieces to you all curtains and books " - he has explained.

Trapezov has added what to release odomashennyh foxes on will it is impossible. They, having lost a number of instincts, are not so capable to survive under natural conditions.

to Prove evolution existence

As the scientist, one of experiment problems &ndash has told; to prove possibility of creation of one kind from another, in this case – as much as possible to approach a fox to a house dog.

" This experiment will help us to answer a question, and a leah was evolution on a broader scale – if yes, one kind can turn to another, generate other kinds. We change behaviour of animals, we do their manual and we change a heredity so that they reminded not wild kinds, and that live on a farmstead " - the selector has explained.

He has underlined that by means of a method of strengthening of manual behaviour it is possible to cultivate and other kinds of animals. Now from a huge variety of wild animals it is cultivated only about 50 kinds.

" Earlier when we had a financial possibility, we were engaged prirucheniem and other kinds, but now the finance is limited, and there were only first kinds W which we began WRK – they are foxes and minks " - has informed genetik.

On a fur farm contains about 750 foxes and as much norok. Staff of a farm not so big – 4 service of 100 foxes only one employee is required, one employee is capable to look after and 200 minks.

According to Trapezova if the cultivated foxes on behaviour are similar to dogs minks practically differ nothing from a cat. In particular, a mink not such predicted, as a fox. On hands at the person it does not resist, but also does not submit completely.