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South Ossetia wants to create Union State W Russia - Kokojty

Moscow, 28 ijul - News. South Ossetia considers Russia as strategic partner and ally and intends to build W it Union State, the president of republic Edward Kokojty in interview to the Japanese newspaper " has declared; Majniti " placed on Thursday on an official site of the head of the state.

" We build the independent state which people will always remember the invaluable help rendered to us by the Russian Federation, and, certainly, we will aspire to creation W it of Union State. Russia 4 us always was, is and remains the basic strategic partner and the ally " - he has told.

answering a question on possible association of republic W the North Ossetia - Alaniej and occurrence of uniform republic in structure of Russia, jugoosetinsky the leader has underlined that " Russia another`s territories is not necessary, and intentions to annex territory of our republic at the Russian Federation are not present ".

" Before events of August, 2008 the question of association of the south and the north of Ossetia was very actual. But the mister (the president of Georgia Michael) Saakashvili and the Georgian hawks have made the unreasoned aggressive policy all that South Ossetia became the independent state. In this case I want tell with confidence that we have changed them in all respects and have achieved - taki independence and the international recognition. 2DAY, taking into account already developed realities, we build the independent state " - Kokojty has told.

As he said, according to available international agreements Russia creates all conditions that independence of South Ossetia developed and became stronger.

the Georgian armies on the night of August, 8th, 2008 attacked South Ossetia and have destroyed a part of its capital Tskhinvali. Russia, protecting inhabitants of South Ossetia, many of which were naturalized as the Russian Federation, has entered armies into republic and after five days of operations has forced out the Georgian military men from region. In August, 2008 Russia was the first country which has recognised independence of two former Georgian autonomous regions - Abkhazia and South Ossetia. After Moscow Abkhazia and South Ossetia recognised Nicaragua, Venezuela and the island state Nauru.