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the Ministry of Emergency Measures: all peat and forest fires in Moscow suburbs territory are extinguished

Moscow, 28 ijul - News. Operating natural fires in territory of Moscow suburbs are not present, all arisen on Wednesday in six areas of 11 centres, including five peat, are extinguished, the representative has informed on Thursday of News a press - services of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Moscow Region.

" For the last days in Shatursky, Dmitrovsky, Orehovo - Zuevsky, Sergievo - Posadsky, Klinsky and Voskresensky municipal areas has arisen and 11 centres of natural fires on a total area of 2,98 hectares, including five peat area of 1,008 hectares " are liquidated; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, helicopter Ka was involved in struggle against fire in Orehovo - Zuevsky area - 32 the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia which has dumped on the centres of kindling of 40 tons of water.

" According to a resource of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia " KOSMOPLAN " And space monitoring FGU " avialesoohrana " in territory of Moscow Region of thermopoints it is not revealed " - the representative of department has informed.

He has added that patrol in woods situated near Moscow now is carried out by 1,29 thousand persons and 469 units of technics, including 235 persons and 115 units of technics - from region law enforcement bodies.

" It is made eight reports for fulfilment of administrative offences, of them four under article 8. 32 KoAP of the Russian Federation (infringement of fire prevention rules in woods) " - the interlocutor of agency has added.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, from the beginning of the fire-dangerous period of 2011 in Moscow suburbs territory there were 399 centres of natural fires a total area of 137,76 hectares, from them 189 wood and 210 peat (in 2010 - 649 wood on the area of 694,92 hectares and 761 peat area of 592,36 hectares).

in the Summer of 2010 which has appeared it is abnormal hot and droughty, woods and peatbogs in Moscow suburbs have captured natural fires in this connection since August, 2nd the decree of the president of the Russian Federation in Moscow Region had been entered mode CHS. In spite of the fact that W fires it was possible to consult in September, mode CHS has completely ceased to operate in Moscow suburbs only in November. This year peatbogs and woods in Moscow suburbs burn AGN.