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Japan will not carry out yet death sentences

Tokyo, 28 ijul - News, Xenia Naka. the Authorities of Japan will not carry out in the near future death sentences, the Minister of Justice of Japan Satsuki Eda in interview to the newspaper " has told; Iomiuri ".

One year ago 107 sentenced expected execution. For a year during which it has not been signed any sentence, their number has increased B4 120 persons.

" Now, in the heat of discussion ABT the death penalty, it is difficult to sign orders on a carrying out " - the minister in an anniversary of last execution has told. In August of last year in the Ministry of Justice discussion ABT expediency of the death penalty in the country has begun. Kejko Tiba supporting abolition of capital punishment became the initiator of consideration of a question the first Minister of Justice from democrats. At it for the first time in history mass-media could familiarise with details and premises where execute criminals.

New minister Eda considers that it is necessary to study world experience that it is better to define powers of the Minister of Justice.

However while discussion in the ministry slips at a stage of definition by that of discussion.

In the end of July of last year in Japan two death sentences have been carried out. Executions have passed at a bodily presence of the Minister of Justice. In judiciary practice of Japan the death penalty, as a rule, is applied in cases of murder of several persons. The international human rights organisations urge Japan to cancel this measure of punishment as inhumane. In a year, as a rule, it is carried out about ten sentences. Sentenced can W8 for execution by years, but learns ABT it only in the morning in day of enforcement of the sentence.

On polls, more than 85 % of Japanese consider the death penalty necessary under certain circumstances.