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Plenipotentiary DFO has disposed to CK a status of courts on the Cupid and Lena

Khabarovsk, 1 avg - News. the Plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Far East federal district Victor Ishayev on Monday has charged to employees of plenipotentiary representation to continue selection checks of a status of passenger courts for the rivers of the Far East and WRK of supervising and supervising bodies, the representative a press - services of the plenipotentiary has informed News.

" On the Cupid and Lena class steam-ships " go; the river - the sea ". Ship-owners during the last years have not got any new vessel. Fixed capital has become outdated. Thus, 2 supervising bodies too there is some question - as they CKed before court as gave permissions. There are questions and 2 transport Office of Public Prosecutor " - the representative has quoted a press - services of a word of Victor Ishayev.

He has noticed that this week the plenipotentiary representation in common with experts of various departments will selectively CK, how security by steam-ships of the Amur and Lensky river pools is provided. CKing will pay attention to presence saving plavsredstv, conditions of their storage, on a technical status of courts.

the Plenipotentiary has charged to study 2 WRK of control and supervising authorities.

As it was informed earlier, during checks in the Far East infringements have been revealed. So, according to transport Office of Public Prosecutor, by steam-ships " Kola Beldy " and " Sergey Torbin " 117 children transporting at the moment of survey, were not necessary quantity of individual saving means. On a vessel " Kola Beldy " life jackets were in a hard-to-reach spot. On the given fact criminal case is brought.

On some CKed courts infringements of fire-prevention requirements, inadequate conducting the ship documentation are revealed, and one of courts carried out flight W quantity of crewmen less than the minimum norm.

past Sunday the consequence in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid on matelam public prosecutor`s check has brought in criminal case upon management of passenger steam-ship of the drunk senior assistant to the captain. The steam-ship " the Ohm - 8 " transported 14 passengers.

Checks of a status of passenger courts are spent in connection with the failure which has occurred on July, 10th on the Kuibyshev water basin of the passenger steam-ship " Bulgarija ". According to all available information, onboard there were 201 persons. It was possible to escape only 79. According to all available information, 122 persons were lost.