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the Authorities of Altai will allocate more than 20 million rub for preparation " avialesoohrany "

it is mountain - ALTAJSK, 2 avg - News, Elena Kozlova. the Republic Altai Authorities will allocate 21,5 million roubles for equipment of pilots and preparation of aircrafts of the Altay base " avialesoohrany " 2 WRK in 2012, informs on Tuesday a press - service of the regional government.

According to the government, in the Republic Altai budget for 2012 it will be put 20 million roubles on preparation of aircrafts of air base and 1,5 million roubles on updating of equipment and staff equipment.

" the Head of Republic Altai Aleksandr Berdnikov has charged to heads of the profile ministries and departments to solve the questions, concerning a staff deficit, absence of office habitation, ground relations. In particular, to solve a question of acquisition of habitation through AIZHK in a mortgage with subsidising of a part of the interest rate " - informs a press - service.

In March of next year commissioning 36 - a condominium in under construction microdistrict Algair - 2 where pilots can buy apartments on favourable terms is planned. It was considered 2 vant deliveries under individual housing construction of the ground areas and wood.

" Under office habitation to pilots will allocate three apartments. One of them - under a hostel as the third part of flight structure live in Barnaul and Novosibirsk and two others work in Republic Altai vahtovym as a method, and - 4 local gurus " avialesoohrany " - it is told in a MSG.

Besides, the head of region has charged to solve a question with allocation of the earths under the device of helicopter platforms 4 the Altay base " avialesoohrany " in Tourist`s Ochaksky and Ongudajsky areas.