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Actives of a family of Barack Obama make from $2,6 million B4$8,3 million

Moscow, on May, 16th - News. Financial actives of US president Barack Obama and his wife Michel in 2011 have made from 2,6 million B4 8,3 million dollars, passes on Wednesday agency Assoshiejted the Press referring to the annual report delivered by the White house on actives of the president.

In particular, actives of spouses Obama include intermediate term exchequer bonds the sum from 1 B4 5 million dollars, short-term exchequer bills the sum from 500 thousand B4 1 million dollars, and also pension bills and bank accounts. Fees from the books written by Obama have made from 250 thousand B4 2,1 million dollars.

Per 2010 actives of a family of the US president have been estimated in the sum from 1,8 million B4 12 million dollars.

As marks agency, the form of the financial report demands instructions of cost of actives the big range - for example, from 1 B4 5 million dollars. Thus, to define exact cost of actives hard.

In April the White house has informed that Obama and his wife have earned in 2011 about 780 thousand dollars - almost twice less, than in 2010. Incomes of a family of the president decrease the third year successively. In 2010 - m to year the family Obama has earned 1,7 million dollars that was three times less, than in 2009 (5,5 million dollars).

Cost of actives of vice-president Joseph Bajdena has made from 230 thousand B4 860 thousand dollars.

Actives of the most probable candidate from Republican Party on presidential election of Mitta Romni cost from 190 million B4 250 million dollars.

annually high-ranking American officials will publish the data ABT incomes and the saved up actives, including financial assets and securities. Such requirement shows 2 employees of administration the law on observance of ethics by members of the government, accepted by the congress in 1978.