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Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Moscow, on May, 16th - News spends upgrade of rocket range on cape Musudan

. the North Korea, presumably, spends WRK on upgrade of rocket range on cape Musudan on severo - the country east, passes on Wednesday Japanese agency Kiodo referring to not named diplomatic sources.

it is possible, it is a question of building of a new starting platform 4 ballistic missiles.

MSG Earlier arrived that the range on cape Musudan has become outdated, however there are fears that from it after upgrade start-up of rockets towards sea of Japan can be made, marks agency.

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has carried out on April, 13th " carrier rocket start; Ynha - 3 " with the companion " Kvanmyonson - 3 ". Start has terminated in failure. Many countries consider as its veiled test of a ballistic missile which can bear a nuclear charge.

mass-media of South Korea informed earlier that, according to South Korean reconnaissance services, the North Korea is going to conduct the next underground nuclear test. Such conclusion has been made after reception of satellite photos of North Korean range where in 2006 and 2009 underground nuclear tests were already conducted.

the North Korea declared itself nuclear power in 2005. In 2006 and in 2009 of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has conducted underground nuclear tests which have called protests from the international community. In reply to actions of Pyongyang the UN Security Council has accepted a number of the resolutions demanding from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to stop activity in nuclear sphere. In resolutions 1718 and 1874, besides sanctions, contain the requirement 2 Democratic People`s Republic of Korea not to conduct nuclear tests and starts of ballistic missiles, to refuse intention to possess the nuclear weapon and to return 2 negotiations ABT denuklearizatsii the Korean peninsula.