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the Number of forest fires in Khabarovsk territory for days was cut by half

Khabarovsk, on May, 16th - News. Five forest fires it is registered on Wednesday in Khabarovsk territory that is twice less, than on Tuesday, informs a press - service GUMCHS of the Russian Federation on region.

" According to Far East base of aviation forest conservation in edge territory it is registered five natural fires: on two in Vaninsky and Komsomol areas and one in Nikolaevsk area " - informs GUMCHS.

It is noticed that the special fire-prevention mode providing restriction of access to wood of the population, is saved in five areas of edge: Bikinsky, Khabarovsk, Verhnebureinsky, on mezhselennoj territories of Komsomol area and six settlements Amur.

From the beginning of the fire-dangerous period of 2012 119 natural fires on a total area more than 4,5 thousand hectares are registered.