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Water has left the houses impounded by a high water in Olekminsky area of Yakutia

Yakutsk, on May, 16th - News. the apartment houses of village Nerjuktjaj of Olekminsky area of Yakutia Impounded by a high water from which 400 persons have been evacuated nearby, on Wednesday were released from water, the representative of republican department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has informed News.

" Now on the river Lena around village Nerjuktjaj stable recession of a water level is observed. The impounded houses were released from water " - the interlocutor of agency has informed.

Earlier it was informed that nearby 400 persons have been evacuated by rescuers from village Nerjuktjaj of Olekminsky area in connection with flooding more than 70 houses. They are in evakopunkte recreation centres Olekminska, the part has taken place at relatives and acquaintances.

the President of Yakutia Egor Borisov has signed on May, 15th the decree which declared in Olekminsky area an emergency situation.

In the beginning of May the representative of the government of republic has declared that at the worst scenario to a zone of possible flooding can get B4 70 settlements and 10 thousand houses in territory of 17 areas of Yakutia.

By data on Wednesday, the bottom edge of an ice drift is in area of settlement Tchkalov of Hangalassky area, and top - settlement Macha of Olekminsky area. B4 capital of republic of a city of Yakutsk the ice drift needs to overcome 168 kilometres.