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the Students found dead in Khabarovsk territory, have committed suicide

Khabarovsk, on May, 17th - News. the Consequence after carrying out of some examinations recognised as suicides the girl and the young man from Vladivostok, whose bodies W the knife wounds have been found on January, 31st this year in Khabarovsk territory, the senior assistant administrator SUSK the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory on interaction from mass-media Ilya Gudkov has informed News on Thursday.

Students from Vladivostok - 17 - the summer girl and 18 - the summer young man - have left the house in the beginning of January of this year, without having warned relatives. 2NITE on January, 31st they have been found dead around village Lermontovka of Bikinsky area of Khabarovsk territory. Inspectors have filed criminal charges ABT murder.

" the set of researches Has been spent, and experts have drawn a conclusion that young men have put the knife wounds to themselves. In connection with these criminal case under article " Murder " it is stopped on point 1 of article 24 UPK the Russian Federation in connection with absence of event of a crime " - has told Hooters.

According to the investigation, having arrived to Lermontovku, young men wanted to spend the night in a hostel, but them there have not started up W/ O passports. Then they around village kitchen gardens have found a summer kitchen W an oven, but the furnace was faulty also construction has burnt down together with their things. After that the girl and the guy have committed suicide.