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dollar exchange rate Growth on the data from the USA has led to reduction of price on gold

Moscow, on May, 17th - News. gold Cost has decreased following the results of the auctions of environment against the become stronger US dollar exchange rate after the publication of fresh macroeconomic statistics on new buildings and promproizvodstvu in the USA, the data of stock exchanges bears.

the June future for gold in New York at a stock exchange ˝omex following the results of the auctions has fallen in price on 1,3 % - B4 1536,60 dollars for trojskuju ounce. Thus, the gold price was reduced B4 the minimum mark for the last 10 MTH. The dollar exchange rate 2 a basket of six currencies of the countries - the basic trading partners of the USA has thus grown B4 81,35 points about 81,28 points in the afternoon before.

Industrial output in the USA in April has grown in comparison with March on 1,1 %. Analysts expected growth on 0,5 %.

the Quantity of new houses in the country in the same MTH has made 717 thousand that on 2,6 % above the reconsidered indicator for March (699 thousand) and on 29,9 % above an indicator of April of last year (552 thousand). Experts expected growth on 4,7 % from not reconsidered indicator for March, - B4 685 thousand houses.

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were a little softened on the eve of fear of participants of the market for a political situation in Greece where Panajotisu Pikramenosu the president has charged to the chairman of the State advice of Greece (the sovereign administrative court) formation of the time cabinet. New elections in the country will take place on June, 17th. Nevertheless, fears are saved that the new government can not carry out of the obligation of the country to creditors, and Greece will leave an eurozone.

" the Capital leaves raw sector. The investors, the going a bull prices of gold, sell actives from - for problems of Greece " - analyst T & has told to agency MarketWatsh; K Futures Michael Smith (Mi˝hael K. Smith).

the rise in prices for gold in 2011 has made almost 10 %. As a result the eleven-year period of growth of cost of metal is the most long, at least, since 1920. For the first quarter 2012 metal has risen in price for 6,7 %, for April of the price for metal were reduced to 0,5 %.

pacing factors of support of cost of gold which is considered by investors as more reliable alternative to fluctuating currencies and subject serious fluctuations to actions of the companies, remain debt crisis in Europe and inflation acceleration in the different countries.