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the Fire in a warehouse in the Rostov region is extinguished

Rostov - ON - Don, on May, 17th - News, Julia Nasulina. Firemen completely liquidated kindling in a warehouse building in the city of Kamensk - Shahtinsky the Rostov region, burning almost days, the representative a press - services GUMCHS of Russia on area has informed News on Thursday.

the MSG on kindling in a warehouse located in the street Profile, 33, has arrived on the panel of the person on duty in 10. 12 Moscow time environments. At the moment of arrival of firemen the brick building burnt on all area in 800 square metres. After an hour kindling has been localised. Rescuers have found out bodies of two victims, 15 persons have been evacuated, from them one is hospitalised W burns.

SK has informed that under the preliminary information, illegal manufacture of glue from polymeric matelov was indoors carried out. There there was a fire and there was an explosion. Check has been organised. Besides, it was informed on a possible finding in a building of one more worker.

" 2DAY in 7. 30 Moscow time the fire is liquidated. Persons of victims are established. She is the girl and the young man of 1983 of a birth " - the interlocutor of agency has told. He has added that victims and victims in a warehouse it was revealed not more.