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the Saving raft is found on a grief where has broken SSJ - 100

Djakarta, on May, 17th - News, Alexander Kovalev. All some large fragments, including an inflatable saving raft of yellow colour, were saved on a slope of a mount of Sprats where Russian plane Sukhoi SuperJet - 100 on May, 9th has broken, the correspondent of News after flight of a place of accident by the helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia broadcasts.

the Slope represents almost steep wall, porosshuju trees and a dense bush. The site into which the plane ran, has burnt out in the top point, trees are broken, and the foliage is charred. Points of blow of the liner, fire traces imperceptibly are more low is Gud appreciable. On the big glade formed on a slope, chaotically scattered small fragments of a fuselage and a thing are looked through. The braided rubber saving raft of yellow colour at once is evident.

All large elements of a design of the plane have fallen downwards, in deep gorge, and from the helicopter are not visible.

Adverse weather conditions - every minute changing direction of a wind, low overcast - interfere with regular flights of a point of accident.

Landing of troops on almost vertical slope 4 gathering of small fragments represents very difficult and dangerous problem. Therefore all search WRK are now concentrated in gorge at which bottom the large stream and where, on - visible proceeds, the chassis, engines and other parts of broken plane SuperJet - 100 lie.

Sukhoi SuperJet - 100 has broken in Indonesia on May, 9th during demonstration flight. Onboard, by data " Civil planes Dry " there were 45 persons, including eight Russians. Plane the Russian crew operated. The liner ran into a slope of a mount of Sprats at height of 1,6 kilometres in remote district. On Wednesday it became known ABT detection of one of two onboard registrars - a speech recorder.