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the Prisoners who have cut hands in a colony, demanded transfer to Tuva

Omsk, on May, 17th - News, Andrey Lebedev. Twelve prisoners who on Wednesday have cut to itself hands and other parts of a body, demanded transfer back in the Tuva colony, has informed on Thursday a press - service of regional government FSIN.

Prisoners of an Omsk colony ╣12 early in the morning on Wednesday in toilet rooms have cut to themselves hands and necks, protesting, according to Investigatory committee, against maintenance conditions. Using the disposable shaving machine tools, concluded have put itself superficial wounds, not life-threatening and entailed a little harm to health. Life of all participants of the action out of danger. According to SK, all participants of the action have arrived to the Omsk region from Tuva and are representatives of the radical people of republic. Upon incident there is begun check.

" Denounced in number of 12 persons arrived from city of Kyzyl Republic Tyva have made the certificate in a pointed manner - shantazhnogo behaviour W drawing of self-damages to a kind rezannyh wounds by means of edges from disposable shaving machine tools with a view of to put pressure upon colony administration, to achieve transfer and the further serving of punishment in republic Tyva " - it is SPK in a MSG.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation informs that public prosecutors 2 have started own check of incident to define on purpose that has called such protest of prisoners. According to supervising department, the status of all denounced is estimated as satisfactory.