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Medvedev: information security lessons cannot be reduced 2 " to stupid interdictions "

Sochi, 31 avg - News. Teaching of bases of media security at schools should not be reduced 2 " to stupid interdictions " on the Internet, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has declared.

" I would like to pay attention that the one who all - taki will explain canons of this information security, it should be: prepared and clever. CUZ there is nothing will be reduced 2 stupid interdictions worse than if it is all - do not climb there, do not climb there " - Medvedev at session of the commission on realisation of priority national projects and the demographic policy has told.

the President has added: " What does the schoolboy do in this case? That I have made on a place of the schoolboy? I only there also have got ".

the Question on teaching at information security schools was lifted by the representative at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Paul Astakhov.

He has noticed that at equipment of schools by possibility of use of the Internet the information security problem has not been solved. According to research, Astakhov has underlined, for today of an order of 10 million children till 14 years actively master the Internet, however thus in many regions, schools measures are not taken how to secure children physically against a harmful content on the Internet, to explain, how itself to conduct.

" Because us for a long time began Gud tradition to spend on September, 1st various thematic lessons, such as courage, the right and so on, we have initiated to conduct 2MORO on all country at schools a media security lesson " - Astakhov has told.

He has informed that the corresponding information has been dispatched regions in July, and the majority of them have supported this initiative.

" Certainly, it is an important subject - information security of the schoolboys, those people which only enter the life. Also it is necessary, that the ATTN " has been paid to it; - the president of the Russian Federation has told.

At the same time, he has underlined that " it should be thin, cleverly and in this case there should be an absolute readiness of the teacher ".