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Putin has charged to check line arrangement " Chita - Khabarovsk "

Moscow, 31 avg - News. the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has charged vitse - to prime minister Sergey Ivanov to prepare the project of the commission of the government which would provide control over a course of performance by the ministries and the regional authorities of the decisions connected with complex arrangement of a federal line " Chita - Khabarovsk ".

" As to problems which arise on a joint of the various ministries, departments, and management levels, I mean in regions and in municipalities, here I ask to prepare you the project of the commission within the limits of today`s meeting so that all participants of this process understood, what problems B4 them stand and it would be possible to check, as are executed, as these problems " are solved; - Putin has told during a video conference concerning road building.

Putin during a video conference has contacted participants of automobile race being in Chita " Vladivostok - Kaliningrad " which wanted to CK on a place how earlier made decisions on arrangement of federal roads, including lines " are realised; Chita - Khabarovsk ".

Putin one year ago on " the Harmony the Guelder-rose " itself has driven on this line, and following the results of a trip has given a number of commissions on its arrangement.

the Leader of movement " the Killed roads " Alexander Vasilev has paid attention of the head of the government that in Far East regions there are problems with communication, it is not enough traffic police fasts, on - former the infrastructure on maintenance of motorists with all necessary is poorly developed.

According to Vasileva, as a whole the road covering on a line on 80 % satisfies requirement of motorists, however there are sites W dirt roads.

the Leader of movement has paid attention to a number of problems. " In Transbaikalian edge, for example, on 50 % of road communication is absent " - Vasilev has told. As he said, cellular communication towers build, " however while from them any I pound ".

Frequently there is no information on where motorists could RCV medical aid. " it can be connected that such points (medical aid - red.) it is not a lot of " - he has assumed.

Participants of automobile race SPK that there are not enough traffic police fasts on a federal highway. " as a whole from Khabarovsk B4 border W Transbaikalian edge we, probably, have C fasts six. That is it is an order of 1,5 thousand kilometres, and on this distance there were very few employees who provided security of traffic " - Vasilev has told.