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Agrometeorologists promise a double crop of a beet in the Russian Federation in 2011

Moscow, 31 avg - News. the beet Crop in Russia this year almost will exceed twice usual value, gathering of other cultures 2 will be above an average, the director of hydrometeorological centre of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand has told to journalists on Wednesday.

" We expect that there will be very big crop of a beet, it will exceed almost twice usual values " - has informed Vilfand.

As the director of hydrometeorological centre has explained, the department structure includes department of agrometeorological forecasts, whose problem includes maintenance of agriculture and adjacent branches W it, and also authorities the agrometeorological information and forecasts.

" the Crop of wheat, a rye, barley, bean will exceed AVG productivity for last fifth anniversary. 2011 will become history as fruitful " - Vilfand has told.

the Main meteorologist of Russia 2 predicts that the crop grechihi will be on 20 - 30 % above usual indicators. Gud productivity of a potato Besides, is expected.