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NLMK in September Moscow, 31 avg - News will start a blast furnace 7 capacity of 3,4 million t pig-iron

. Open Society " New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex " in September will place in operation a new blast furnace 7 " the Russian " capacity more than 3,4 million tons of pig-iron a year that will provide growth of release of a steel on NLMK on 36 % - B4 12,4 million tons, is SPK in a group MSG.

" NLMK declares the beginning of hot tests of a complex of a new blast furnace 7 capacity more than 3,4 million tons of pig-iron a year. Occupancy of raw materials and fuel giving in the furnace has come to the end. 4 maintenance of temperature modes of melt of pig-iron in the furnace air which has been warmed up B4 800 degrees, further blasting temperature moves will be finished to 1250 degrees. Delivery of the first ton of metal will take place in September " - it is informed in a press - release.

" the Russian " - The first blast furnace constructed in the Russian Federation for last 25 years, and also the most important object of the program of modernisation NLMK for the period till 2012. The total amount of investments into furnace building, utilizatsionnoj thermal power station and a furnace infrastructure, makes 43 billion roubles.
" after commissioning DP - 7 will give the most considerable since the USSR a gain on pig-iron melt in the country - on 30 % that 2 will provide growth of release of a steel on NLMK on 36 %, B4 12,4 million tons " - have noted in NLMK.

In the civil-engineering design of a complex of a blast furnace the advanced workings out of the Russian and foreign engineers are applied.

" Some technical decisions is innovative not only in Russia, but also in the world. Formed domain gas has started to arrive on new utilizatsionnuju a heating plant capacity 150 MVt, erected in a complex W DP - 7. The first watt of the electric power " is RCVed; - it is underlined in a press - release.
the New industrial complex completely meets the requirements of the best accessible technologies existing in the world.

" At the same time, in comparison with the best foreign analogues, " the Russian " will provide higher indicators on labour productivity, the minimum fuel consumption, better quality of end production. In the project all existing advanced technologies on environment protection - highly effective systems aspiratsii, the closed water turnaround cycle, the maximum processing of secondary resources in the electric power 4 industrial needs are used. All formed in a course of fusion slag will be processed in rubble 4 building industry " - it is marked in a company MSG.

NLMK is one of the largest manufacturers of a steel in the world, the company gain in 2010 has made 8,4 billion dollars. The core benefitsiarom NLMK is Vladimir Lisin.