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GITIS will restore a wing of 18 centuries from - for shortages of educational premises

Moscow, 31 avg - News. the Problem of shortage of educational premises can solve in the Russian academy of theatrical art (GITIS) in Moscow, having restored a wing of construction of a XVIII-th century, has informed on Wednesday of News the rector of GITIS Karina Melik - Pashaeva.

GITIS settles down since 1922 in territory of object of a cultural heritage of regional value - city manor XVIII - XIX centuries. The two-storeyed wing of manor is to the ADDY the Small Kislovsky lane, the house 4, a structure 2. It is constructed in 1810 - e year. In Soviet period the building was many long years used under apartments. Smooth walls of a building are cut luchkovymi by windows. All volume of a building is united by the general crowning profilirovannym eaves. In the given structure tile furnaces were saved.

" Now this empty space, but earlier there there was a wing symmetric to a southern wing. But it is lost, it is not present. If it is restored, it will be important from the point of view of integrity of architectural space and from the point of view of saturability of premises " - has told the rector.

She has underlined that students of today`s GITIS need new premises.

" CUZ the curriculum which exists and is lawful, provides a considerable quantity of disciplines dvizhencheskogo character. For example, dancing and plastic skill " - has explained it.

the Rector 2 has added that earlier on an institute backyard there were constructions which are not present now, but they need to be recreated. " then to students will be where to be engaged. There will be additional premises, and the city will RCV complete manor " - she has added.

On a backyard

the Student of a third year Igor has told News that new premises in which it will be possible to rehearse and carry out educational tasks are necessary to students.

" Probably, the sharp requirement is tested by students of 1,2 and 3 courses as it is authorised to undergraduates to rehearse at the educational theatre located around Tver " - the student has added.

As he said, students - actors have found a way out of a current situation. " we rehearse on a manor backyard. Naturally, the winter complicates these actions " - Igor has noted.

the Representative of department of a cultural heritage Olga Drenicheva has told, in turn, that is planned to continue restoration of all objects entering into an architectural ensemble of manor.

" We hope that by 2012 we will start restoration and a reconstruction of constructions in manor territory. Objects which need to be restored, remains two. The first is located to the ADDY the house 6 structure 1 and a wing the house 4 structure 2 - these buildings were saved. The reconstruction of northern wing " is thus planned; - she has noted.

In 2011 restoration WRK of a southern wing of manor have come to the end. Earlier in 2007 the main building of GITIS has been restored. As Olga Chuzhikova has told the restorer, according to the project of restoration of the left wing strengthening of the stratified laying and cracks, vychinka a bricklaying, window slopes and quarters, crosspieces of a surface of walls, eaves and domazki " is spent; otbolevshih " fragments of bricks,

" the reconstruction of the lost pilasters and eaves, restoration and a reconstruction of plaster of facades, restoration belokamennogo a socle, restoration belokamennyh and plaster eaves, furnish of a surface of facades, a reconstruction of peaks and joiner`s fillings " Is spent; - she has added.