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the Sentence to the leader of the Petersburg gang " the Lincoln - 88 " has come into force

Moscow, 1 sen - News. Judicial board on criminal cases of the Sovereign court (VS) the Russian Federation has left W/ O satisfaction of the complaint of the leader of an extremist gang " the Lincoln - 88 " Andrey Linka and its protection on the decision of the Petersburg city court, is passed by the correspondent of agency RAPSI/ infosud. ru from a court hall.

Thus, the sentence of Sankt - the Petersburg city court which has sentenced on May, 5th the Link and more devjateryh members of a gang to terms from 3,5 till nine years of imprisonment has come into force. Other nine of 19 denounced have RCVed conditional terms.

the court of the first instance has taken out The decision on the basis of a verdict of board of jurymen which unanimously recognised all defendants guilty of fulfilment of crimes, having noticed that they do not merit indulgence.

Process in VS the Russian Federation

The complaints, besides the Link, have submitted all denounced on real terms, from them six persons have expressed desire personally to watch a course of hearings, for the others arguments of cassations were disclosed by lawyers.

All denounced have counted a sentence extremely severe and reminded boards that it was on 14 - 16 years at the moment of commission of crime and that " nobody wanted anybody to kill ".

So, Linok recognised as jurymen by the organizer of a gang though, as he said, the consequence to him did not make it, has declared by means of visual communication that it " very much regrets that adhered to nationalist sights ".

He has told that four years while there was a consequence and court, it has visited chambers W representatives of different nationalities.

" I have understood that in ANY1 nationality there are Gud and bad people " - Linok has told, having added that believes that has followed a correction way, intend to establish a family and to find a GJ.

Court of the first instance, taking out a sentence, has taken into consideration that Linok committed crimes, being the minor. 2 as softening to circumstance it has considered that the defendant suffers affliction frustration of the person and his mother - the invalid. At the same time the court has noticed that Link correction is impossible W/ O isolation from a society.

In turn other figurant has put Denis Butkus who, according to the lawyer, at the moment of commission of crime was most younger in the company after some time has spent under guards, has gone to hospital and a surgical way has removed tattoos W nationalist symbolics.

VS the Russian Federation, nevertheless, has upheld sentences to the Link and Butkusu - nine and seven years of imprisonment accordingly.

their Other neighbours in a dock asked ABT decrease in punishment to already left term, insisted on change of real imprisonment on conditional, in case of impossibility of these vantov affairs suggested to reconsider, specifying in some infringements criminally - the remedial law.

However the board on Thursday has agreed with a position of the Office of Public Prosecutor which representative has resulted refutations of almost all arguments specified in complaints.

It 2 has denied the opinion voiced by the party of protection that on a position of jurymen rendered influences the plots leaving during process in Petersburg in mass-media.

" Taking into account process illumination in mass-media, the attention to the question on bias was brought jurymen, and on it the negative answer " has been RCVed; - the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has declared.

the Version of the investigation

the Main figurant of business, 20 - summer Andrey Linok, and more 18 young men were accused of beating of the Tuva journalist Sayan mountains by Mongush, and also in two murders and other crimes directed on kindling international break a set.

As has established a consequence, summer of 2007 then still the minor pupil 11 - go a class of one of schools of the city of Zelenogorska of Linok, " having the proof antisocial installations based on principles of intolerance 2 persons of other race and a nationality " has created W adherents an organised criminal group.

Young men the majority from which were minors, removed many attacks on video and then spread them in the Internet. In total for five MTH 2007 they have made 12 crimes, has found out a consequence.

the group has made the First of them in the end of August, 2007. In the car of the underground extremists have attacked on two men of not slavonic appearance. Then they had been made some more beatings of foreigners and citizens of not slavonic appearance, and in December, 2007 in the underground they have beaten the Tuva journalist Sajanu Mongush. Besides, to the accused incriminate murders of the citizen of Armenia and the native of Uzbekistan.