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the Law on a taxi: " bombily " do not hurry to be legalised

Coming into force on September, 1st the law " ABT modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation " entering state regulation of taxi transportations while has led to decrease in number of legal taxi drivers in Moscow, and can lead to a rise in prices for taxi services.

Fair to be unprofitable

From the moment of the beginning of delivery of permissions (since July, 15th in a test mode, and since July, 25th already in full), the army of legal taxi drivers in Moscow has not grown, and has decreased. According to the chairman of multi-region trade union of workers of public transport " the Taxi driver " Yaroslav Scherbinin, for August, 31st it has been given out permissions approximately on 6 tys cars. The representative of department of transport and development dorozhno - a transport infrastructure of Moscow has informed News that by September, 1st has been given out 6,5 tys work permits.

Prior to the beginning of delivery of permissions, according to capital Department of transport and development dorozhno - transport service, in a city worked approximately 9 tys legal taxi and nearby 40 tys the illegal.

the Number of taxi drivers has decreased EVN in spite of the fact that the declared conditions of legalisation in Moscow are rather easy – till January, 1st, 2013 of the permission will stand out free of charge. RCV them private businessmen and the companies owning cars own or taken in leasing can. An indispensable condition: cars should have the checkup coupon, to be equipped by an orange lantern and " shashechkami " also are by all means equipped by taximetres and fiscal equipment.

In addition, to legal carriers authorities of the capital have promised a number of preferences, for example, to equip on all city of one and a half thousand special parking, parkings at stations, the airports both etc., and rigidly to cut from these places " bombed ". The illegal immigrant, dared to become on taxi parking, will be fined, and its car is sent on shtrafstojanku. On a broader scale, since January, 1st, 2012 the fact of illegal transportations in Moscow will be punished by the penalty at a rate of 10 tys roubles.

Yaroslav Scherbinin explains unfortunate legalisation by the big costs which W8 for the taxi drivers, decided to RCV the permission. Equipment of cars (lanterns, shashechki and etc.) Regular physical examination – all it demands money. By estimates of the leader of the All-Russia social movement of taxi drivers Stanislav Krivosheeva, speech can go ABT the sum in 20 tys roubles and above. For default NE from the conditions registered in the law the taxi driver is threatened with the penalty in 5 tys roubles. But most of all taxi drivers are strained by the requirement to have own car (as a last resort, taken in leasing) while the majority of them worked by the rented cars or got by proxy.

Dangerous carriers

the Problem of the new law consisted in ordering the taxi market, to make transportations more safely and more cheaply. For this purpose it was necessary to clear the market from " bombed " which both participants of the market, and officials consider as a risk primary factor. Services of illegal carriers are frequently poor-quality and EVN are dangerous – Some of them do not know neither cities, nor Russian, and their transport is in an emergency status. " brake a foot through a hole in a floor " – taxi drivers joke. Besides, cases when clients of illegal carriers became victims of robberies and robberies are fixed.

Thus illegal taxi drivers in Moscow at least four times more than number legal – 40 tys against 9 tys (this data Nikolay Ljamov at the First All-Russia congress of taxi drivers has resulted on August, 3rd, 2011). Representatives of the organisations of taxi drivers assure that real figures above, and authentic techniques of calculation of illegal immigrants do not exist. And Nikolay Ljamov recognised that numbers of illegal carriers replenish: " probably, every second guy working on the Moscow building, dreams to save up 30 - 40 tys roubles, to buy shabby " the five " or " the six " And to earn on it 30 - 40 tys in MTH ". The Russian authorities expected to transform illegal immigrants into lawful taxi drivers for what rather liberal conditions of delivery of permissions have been developed.

not more safely and not more cheaply

the Exit of illegal immigrants would make transportations of a shade at least more safely: after all the car of the taxi driver should pass time in half a year checkup. And if it will be possible to increase numbers of taxi drivers (the chief executive of the Moscow transport union Yury Sveshnikov considers that is necessary for a city 30 tys legal taxi, Nikolay Ljamov at Congress of taxi drivers SPK about 50 thousand) the competition in the market will result also in decrease in quotations in times.

But the quantity of the permissions RCVed at present shows that the offered conditions not too suit EVN legal taxi drivers.

The declared sanctions for illegal activity thus hardly will frighten illegal immigrants. It is clear – to catch and punish the lawful taxi driver is much easier, than its illegal competitor. The taxi is EZ for identifying, the list of requirements and penalties for their infringement is accurately registered and to reveal the illegal immigrant, it is necessary to carry out small special action – to carry out control purchase of service, the video record and etc.

Except, that, the innovation can call and a rise in prices for transportations. " the taxi becomes less, and taxi drivers will put in cost of a trip expenses on the equipment of the car and physical examination, – Yaroslav Scherbinin SPK. – illegal immigrants will tighten the prices after legal taxi drivers, and to put in the prices possible penalties ".