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the Court in Germany has allowed to destroy pigeons in case of growth of their population

Moscow, 2 sen - News. Administrative court of a German federal land Giessen on Thursday has allowed to destroy pigeons in case of dangerous growth of their population, having decided that in considerable quantities of these birds it is possible to consider as wreckers, informs on Friday Sueddeuts˝he Zeitung.

Thus in the decision the judge has noticed that NE measures on destruction of pigeons should be co-ordinated with societies of protection of animals without fail.

" In case population of pigeons reaches known level, it is necessary to consider them as wreckers in that sense which puts in this word the law on protection of animals " - it is SPK in a judgement.

the Claim has been submitted by the local resident who is engaged in cultivation of falcons. In the statement he asked to recognise pigeons as wreckers and to allow to open on them a falconry. He motivated the claim requirements with that pigeons are messengers of illnesses, and also a constant source of noise and a dirt.

However the court has satisfied the claim only partially. Recognising that in considerable quantities pigeons can really pose threat, the court at the same time has left a question on expediency of their destruction in each specific case in the competence of societies of protection of animals.

As marks the edition, societies of protection of animals basically support idea of reduction of population of pigeons in case of need. Under their data, now in Germany is an order of 500 million pigeons.