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the Russian tourists arriving from Italy, will CK on legionellez

Moscow, 2 sen - News. Rospotrebnadzor warns the tourists going to Italy, ABT danger of infection legionellezom, one of rare versions of a pneumonia, and demands from regional branches to toughen control over the tourists arriving from Italy, is SPK in the letter of the main state health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, published on a department site on Friday.

In Rospotrebnadzore have informed that according to World Health Organization, on August, 25th, 2011 in Italy laboratory CFMed nine cases " have been registered; illnesses of legionaries " (legionellez) among the tourists having a rest in Italy on lake Garda.

" In this connection, I ask to organise interaction W public health services controls in subjects of the Russian Federation for the purpose of timely revealing of cases of disease. At gathering of the anamnesis at patients W symptoms of a pneumonia and ORVI to pay attention to the fact of their abiding in Italy. In case of ACK of the given fact without fail to conduct laboratory researches on legionellez " - it is SPK in the letter.

Rospotrebnadzor demands at reception of positive results of laboratory researches the information immediately to inform in managements of Rospotrebnadzora on subjects of the Russian Federation.

Similar on symptoms on a pneumonia or a strong flu " illness of legionaries " has RCVed this name in July, 1976 when from it in very short term were lost about 30 delegates of congress of the American legion which was passing in the American city of Philadelphia. In the beginning of 1977 the American physicians have informed on opening of the activator of new illness - the unknown person before bacterium Legionella premophilia.

the Ideal environment 4 its existence and reproduction central air of air and ventilation ministers. Infection occurs at inhalation of the droplets of water infected with bacteria, and transfer cases " illnesses of legionaries " from the person 2 the person it is not registered.

mortally dangerous disease is the Most frequent amazes people of an average and advanced age, and also those who suffers affliction diseases of lungs and kidneys or a diabetes. Symptoms can include rise in temperature, a fever, pains in muscles and a head, a diarrhoeia, dry cough and a short wind.