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Scientific Russia and China will discuss questions of improvement of ecology of the Cupid

Khabarovsk, 3 sen - News. Participants Russian - the Chinese conference " the Cupid - 2011 " which opens on Saturday in Khabarovsk within the limits of the program of cooperation of regions of the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia W severo - east regions Peoples Republics of China, will discuss a cooperation question on protection of the Cupid, the representative a press - services of the government of Khabarovsk territory has informed News.

the Cupid - the major part of an ecosystem of Pmurja where 2DAY sharply there is a problem of use of water resources. On river inflows spawning areas disappear, number of the animals brought in the international Red book falls. In particular, in a river basin pass ways of migration of millions feathery, about 300 kinds of birds here deduce offspring. 2 95 % of the Far East storks who have remained in the world, 65 % of Japanese and 50 % daurskih cranes here nest.

" Participants will discuss development of frontier and multi-region ecological cooperation of Khabarovsk territory and the Chinese province Heilongjiang. Within the limits of conference will pass meetings, consultations, round tables and an exchange of experience " - the representative a press - the CTR has told.

In management of preservation of the environment of the regional ministry of natural resources notice that it is necessary to develop a series of measures for stabilisation of a status of the Cupid on development of the international ecological cooperation with the next states - China and Mongolia, - and also to accept FZ " ABT rational wildlife management in a river basin the Cupid ".

Special attention to an ecological status of the river began to be given after failure at chemical plant in the Chinese city of Jilin on November, 13th, 2005, from - for which to the river Sungari (inflow of the Cupid) has got more than 100 tons of connections of benzene which then have appeared in the Cupid. Since 2006 the Russian scientists regularly take water samples in the Cupid, and also will organise joint expeditions W China on river condition monitoring. Thus experts mark improvement of quality of water in the Cupid last two years.