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the Inhabitant of California is arrested for beating of a house python

Moscow, 3 sen - News. the Townsman of Sacramento of American state California Devid Senk (David Senk) has been arrested on suspicion in drawing of mutilations to a python who as a pet belongs to other person, informs on the night of Saturday agency Assoshiejted the Press referring to the sergeant of police Andrew Pettita (Andrew Pettit).

As he said, the casual passer-by who has found out on severo was converted into police - the east of Sacramento hackneyed Senka lying on the earth. While the policemen who have left to the place of a prospective attack helped Senku, the townsman who has beaten him was converted into police and, in turn, has accused Senka that it has twice struck its house reptile. According to the owner, 4 rescue of a hackneyed python veterinary surgeons had to undertake surgical operation.

On the basis of indications of the owner of a snake of Senk has been arrested, but it is released on bail at a rate of 10 thousand dollars. In the near future it is threatened with criminal case excitation. A leah

Will incur punishment beaten Senka the owner of a python, the agency does not inform.