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the Command from Russia has defeated in the first day of the championship of fireworks

Berlin, 3 sen - News, Tatyana Firsova. the Command from Russia became the winner of the first day of the international championship of fireworks " Pironale " (Pyronale) which passes these days in Berlin. As the correspondent of News broadcasts, the fiery show shown by the Russian participants, became the brightest and colourful for all evening.

the Championship passes at the Olympic stadium in Berlin, on Friday thousand spectators here have gathered, and on entrances 2 stadium traffic jams were formed.

According to rules, konkursanty should show the spectator polutoraminutnyj fireworks W/ O music underneath, then the four-minute composition under obligatory music 4 all participants follows. This year judges have chosen 4 the obligatory program product of Kamilja Sen - Sanz and " the Hungarian dance " Johann Brams. After that commands should show fireworks for 10 minutes under NE music on a subject " My country ".

As support 4 any program Russian pyrotechnics have chosen a composition " Alleluia " from fate - operas " the Juno and Perhaps " Alexey Rybnikova.

" very much it would be desirable to add in festival the Russian sentimental note " - has explained to journalists a choice of a song the representative of the command - the winner Dmitry Orlikov. As he said, the Russian group prepared the fireworks about half a year - calculations and design of show were conducted on the computer. " ANY1 shot is a program of the computer " - Orlikov has told.

As he said, the main complexity by program preparation consisted that programming and a spadework were conducted in Russia, and show demonstration passes in Berlin, therefore some nuances and details cannot be foreseen.

" Very short time is given on preparation " - he has noted.

As a whole the pyrotechnic composition prepared by Russians, consists, according to Orlikova, approximately from 2,5 thousand products and weighs together with the equipment about 10 tons. Partially the equipment have brought from Russia, partially it was given by festival organising committee.

Anyway, Orlikov, " has noted; victory of the first day - means nothing ".

" the Decision will be taken out following the results of the second day of the championship " - he has told.

Besides a Russian team in the first day of the championship commands of Malta and Canada have acted, on Sunday pyrotechnic shows of the Polish, British and Finnish commands are planned. Estimates WRK of participants of jury under the chairmanship of the guitarist and the founder of group Ssorpions of Rudolf Shenkera.