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the Police of Sydney has released the girl whom the father kept in hostages

Moscow, 6 sen - News. the Police of Australia took storm a court building in the Sydney suburb Paramatta where the man kept in hostages the 11 - the summer daughter; the child is hospitalised, the man is arrested, local newspaper Herald Sun informs on Tuesday.

Incident has occurred in one of district courts on family affairs in Sydney. The man asserting that is in its backpack an explosive, within 11 hours kept near to itself the girl. For an hour before storm the man has thrown out in a window a note W requirements which the police yet does not disclose.

Near to a court building the staff which supervised over operation on neutralisation of the malefactor has been developed.

" Negotiations (with the malefactor) have failed, and time when we should do something " has come; - quotes agency Rejter of the representative of local police Denisa Klifforda (Denis ˝lifford).

At storm of a building by the policeman it was necessary to apply taran, benzopily and axes. According to Herald Sun, at first from a building have taken out the child who accompanied by relatives has been taken to hospital. It is supposed that except stress the girl could get physical traumas.

Soon after police it was possible to neutralise and arrest her father. Now policemen study contents of its backpack in which, under statements of the malefactor, there is an explosive. " we precisely do not know that is in this backpack. At present we are urged to assume that that he SPK, - truth " - Klifford has told.

In the beginning of August Sydney was shaken by incident W " vorotnichkovoj a bomb " which the man has put on a neck 18 - summer townswoman Madeleine Palver. Though " a bomb - a collar " it has appeared only an explosive model, it has been executed so plausibly that Sydney vzryvotehnikam it was required about ten hours to release the girl.

Soon on this business in quality of the basic suspected of the USA has been arrested 51 - a summer Floor Douglas by Piters (Paul Douglas Peters), appeared the succeeding banker - the investor.