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MHT will repay a debt to Bulgakov and Moscow, 6 sen - News will remember Dostoevsky in a new season

. the Moscow art theatre of a name of Chekhov will thank two prime ministers new 114 seasons - opening it on Tuesday " the Master and Margarita " Janosha Sasa and " zojkinoj apartment " - their author of Michael Bulgakov, Oleg Tabakov has informed on troupe gathering hudruk MHT.

" the Theatre has run into debt to Bulgakov to whom not only it is a lot of pleasure, but also travails has brought MHT. It is time to pay tick - and consequently " the Master and Margarita " and " apartment Zojkina " and, probably, in the future " Fatal eggs " - Tabakov has told.

One of premieres of September, besides " Masters and Margaritas " becomes " the House " Evgenie Grishkovtsa directed by Sergey Puskepalisa. Then on a small scene Marina Brusnikina will present the interpretation of the novel of Michael Shishkin " Pismovnik ". On the same scene the young actor and the director Michael Mironov will let out a musical fairy tale " Belosnezhka and seven gnomes ".

One more premiere of Basic scene MHT becomes " Event " Nabokov directed by Konstantin Bogomolova W Marina Zudinoj, Dmitry Djuzheva, Sergey Chonishvili and Phillip Yankovsky`s participation - pupil Tabakova debuting on scene MHT.

In the beginning of 2012 performance " will be presented public; Guilt-free " in direction of Puskepalisa under the play of Austrian playwright Fritsa Hohveldera W Oleg Tabakovym and Avangardom Leontevym. Will finish repertoire of the Basic scene in the end of a season bulgakovskaja " apartment Zojkina " directed by Cyril Serebrennikov.

the Small scene in a following season will be given Feodor Dostoevsky`s creativity. Victor Ryzhakov will let out on it the performance " Evil spirits " and the Lion Erenburg - " Crime and punishment " W Michael Porechenkovym and Cyril Pletnev. In April, 2012 Vasily Barhatov debuts on it in MHT with performance " New travails young V ".

the experimental New scene will be given " the Seventh studio ". In a following season students of School - studios of MKhAT and young actors will play on it together with masters MHT in performances on products of modern playwrights and writers.

" One of the major undertakings in this season - " the Seventh studio " which Serebrennikov will supervise. I consider it extremely important and basic 4 Art theatre which always veins and was updated this way - the studios, growing up there young and putting them on a wing. After all any other way to pass skill as from hand to hand, is not present " - Tabakov has explained.

" Postdrama " The theatre in MHT will be presented by WRK in which will incorporate music, dance and other technologies of modern theatre. " the seventh studio " together with the modern art CTR " Winery " will begin the project " the Platform " which will unite all art forms. It 2 will continue the project " For the first time in Russian " begun last year; in its frameworks the European directors put never products going on the Russian scene.

Tabakov 2 has noticed that in new season MHT will start to prepare for the largest event - 150 - letiju Konstantin Stanislavsky which is necessary for 2013.

" Because its school is live, and the certificate to that is a growing demand for its doctrine " - has added hudruk theatre.

on January, 17th, 2013, in day 150 - letija Stanislavsky, there will pass the big evening in its honour, and on January, 18th and 19 - the forum dated for this date for which leading directors, specialists in drama study and teachers from Russia and from every corner of the globe will gather.

Tabakov 2 has informed that a spadework on branch MHT building on Antropov`s prospectus at metro station " has begun; Kolomna ".

That before financial affairs of theatre, that, according to it hudruka, MHT in this plan is quite well-founded: an order of 70 % of tickets for September performances are already sold. Tabakov 2 has shown a miner`s helmet from pure serebrja which to it have presented on recent tours in Kuzbas, having joked that " if that on 34 teeth of it will suffice ".

On a question, a leah he in a new season will step on the stage as the actor, Tabakov has responded that, except participation in performance " Guilt-free " At the Theatre - studios he will play in " the Nest of the Wood-grouse " on Rozovu. Oleg Pavlovich 2 has presented the new assistants - Cyril Serebrennikov and Sergey Puskepalisa, and has greeted 15 new actors MHT.