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Ecologists in the end of September will find out a caesium origin in gulf of Finland

S - Petersburg, 14 sen - News. Active workers of the ecological organisation " the Green Cross " together with employees of the Leningrad nuclear station will go in the end of September to swimming by the Russian part of gulf of Finland to find out an origin of zones of pollution by a caesium isotope - 137, the chairman severo - the western branch " has informed on Wednesday to journalists; the Green Cross " Yury Shevchyuk.

" In February there were MSG that in gulf of Finland there are caesium stains - 137. Caesium - 137 is alkaline metal, it gets to environment as a result of nuclear tests, activity of the concentrating enterprises and nuclear stations. Caesium in gulf of Finland was much still in 1970 - m to year when the Leningrad nuclear station yet was not. That is the basic dumps were from a global source of pollution " - Shevchyuk has told.

As he said, in years " cold war " when massive tests of the nuclear weapon, caesium emissions in a stratosphere were conducted, whence they could get to the sea, were considerable. However the caesium half-life period - 137 makes 30 years, and the basic emissions as a result of probation and so-called " peace " nuclear explosions have on 1960 - 70 - ye years.

" That is that has dropped out then, should is already strong to decrease " - Shevchyuk has noted.

In its opinion, on a share of the Leningrad nuclear station the insignificant share - about 2 % - all gulf of caesium containing in silt - 137 can have.

Ecologists, as he said, intend to take samples of ground adjournment of gulf of Finland and to try to find out on their basis the basic source of pollution of its water area caesium - 137.

Expedition will last some days. On parusno - the motor yacht " Selenga " together with ecologists employees of the Leningrad nuclear station who will take will go to swimming also and then to analyze tests of ground adjournment around Koporsky, Ust - the Luga lip and the Vyborg gulf.

the Rector of the Russian hydrometeorological university Lev Karlin has in turn noticed that, despite caesium presence - 137 in silt, the radiating background in water area of gulf of Finland does not exceed admissible values as radioactive isotopes lie deeply.

However, in its opinion to study a problem it is necessary, as gulf of Finland - a zone of economic activity where can be spent dnouglubitelnye WRK.