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Brjun: 10 % of patients have the illnesses connected with addictions

Moscow, 15 sen - News. Approximately 10 % of patients of the Russian hospitals have diseases which directly are connected with abusing alcohol, drugs and a tobacco smoking, it is very big loading both on public health services, and on national economy as a whole, has declared at opening of the All-Russia forum " nation Health - a basis of prosperity of Russia " the main expert in narcology of Russia Evgenie Brjun.

" the Contribution of narcological diseases to an illness of our population is huge. About 1 % of the population are sick of a narcotism, 2 % of the population are sick of alcoholism, and it only what have got to our field of vision. Approximately 10 % of visitors obshchesomaticheskih hospitals have the diseases directly connected with abusing by alcohol, a tobacco smoking and drugs " - he has told.

Brjun has reminded that 2DAY the huge role is played by preventive actions among youth. He has informed that in some high schools of the country level of consumers of drugs reaches B4 30 %, among pupils of the senior classes - B4 10 - 12 %. At this Brjun has noticed that narcologists should achieve W huge work carrying out of testing both in high schools, and at schools from - for resistance of parents of schoolboys and imperfection of legislative base.

the All-Russia forum " nation Health - a basis of prosperity of Russia " passes in Moscow from September, 15 till September, 17th. Soorganizatorami actions act the All-Russian public organisation " League of health of the nation " and Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation.

the President " Leagues of health of the nation " the director of Centre of science warmly - vascular surgery of a name of Bakuleva Leo Bokerija has reminded that the Forum is spent since 2003. It has presented to participants and visitors the updated Atlas " Health of Russia " also ascertained that the population of Russia last years steadily falls. Therefore this year the Forum will be devoted a subject of a demographic policy in Russia. Besides, leading experts of the Russian Federation in the field of health protection will have a unique possibility to discuss questions of formation of a healthy way of life of Russians, information of public health services and the basic problems of health of the population.

Visitors of a forum can CK free of charge the health, in particular, to pass test for the sugar maintenance in blood, to CK sight, is warm - vascular and respiratory systems, to RCV consultations on eutrophy, refusal of smoking and alcohol, flu and cold preventive maintenance.