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In the Russian Federation there are not enough the companies, capable to make big BPLA, experts

Moscow, 16 sen - News consider. Not all the Russian developers of pilotless systems in a status to create big bespilotniki operatively - a tactical class, the editor-in-chief profile has declared on Friday of News the Internet - a portal " Pilotless aircraft " Denis Fedutinov.

Earlier in mass-media there was an information that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation intends to declare some competitions on working out of unmanned aerial vehicles (BPLA) operatively - a tactical class, and the first will hold competition on creation BPLA of AVG range.

" Now the Russian military men do not have the big pilotless devices similar American BPLA Predator or Israeli Heron in spite of the fact that problems 4 them, certainly, are available. System engineering of a similar class (so-called MALE - a class) can demand some hundreds millions dollars " - the expert has noted.

Earlier the source in oboronno - an industrial complex of Russia has informed News that military department did not finance last two years working out in the field of pilotless aircraft.

Participation in competition as it was informed, the companies " plan to accept; Vega " " Tupolev " " Tranzas " " the Falcon " and some other. According to Fedutinova, the success of creation Russian bespilotnikov MALE - a class in many respects will be is defined by a choice the company Ministry of Defence - the developer, but not all from the companies applying for it are capable " to pull " so scale WRK.

" Concern " Vega " already undertook attempts of creation BPLA of a similar class. However this program has terminated actually in anything - the pilotless device " the Stork " initially conceding on a number of key characteristics to foreign analogues, in completion of all has been broken on tests by autumn of 2009 " - it has reminded.

Other applicant for creation big bespilotnika - Open Society " Tupolev " as he said, now and at all abides practically in decline.

" We remember successes of the company " Tupolev " in the field of pilotless aircraft in the Soviet years when have been created such bespilotniki as " the Martin " " Flight " and others, but Tupolev`s KB in 70 - 80 years and the company are 2DAY, as they say, two big differences " - Fedutinov has noted.

According to the CTR of the analysis of world trade by the weapon (TSAMTO), under the contract signed in April, 2009, Israel has put to Russia two BPLA Bird Eye - 400 (cost of 4 million dollars), eight BPLA I - View Mk150 (37 million dollars) and two BPLA Sear˝her Mk. 2 (12 million dollars). Later, according to TSAMTO, the contract providing purchase 36 bespilotnikov, presumably, for the sum of 100 million of dollars has been signed.

In March of this year there were MSG that Russian oboronno - industrial corporation " Oboronprom " has concluded W the Israeli company IAI the contract the sum of 400 million dollars on the organisation in the Russian Federation assembly manufacture bespilotnikov type Bird Eye and Sear˝her.