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Ukraine and EU left on a final stage of negotiations ABT association - EK

Kiev, 16 sen - News, Alena Mejta. Ukraine and the European Union have reached considerable progress in negotiations on signing of the agreement on association and have passed 2 a final stage of this process, the commissioner of EU concerning expansion and the European policy of the neighbourhood of Shtefan Fjule at a MTG with the president of Ukraine in Yalta on Friday has declared.

Ukraine which has headed for eurointegration, intends to sign till the end of the year from EU the agreement on the association position ABT the Zone of free trade (ZST) should become which part.

" have reached much, have passed 2 a final stage of signing of the agreement on association. Quality of relations between Ukraine and the European Union depends not only on progress behind a negotiating table " - results to its words the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

Yanukovych has noticed that would like to discuss once again the agenda of relations of Ukraine and EU and questions of forthcoming conference of East partnership and to be defined that it is possible to make 2GETHR on this way.

In turn the first vitse - the prime minister, the minister of economic development of Ukraine Andrey Klyuyev Ukraina at the international forum " Yalta European strategy " in Yalta on Friday has declared that Ukraine expects to paraph in the middle of December the agreement on association from EU, including creation of the Zone of free trade.