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the Court of Sweden has allowed to move the inhabitant from the house for laughter at night

Moscow, 16 sen - News. in the Swedish city the Geteborg has allowed to move Court to the house owner from apartment of the local resident, disturbing to neighbours to sleep loud laughter, informs English-speaking edition Lo˝al.

As it is specified in a MSG, the man regularly looked at night the Swedish comedies 30 - h and 40 - h years of the last century. The loud laughter he prevented to sleep to neighbours whom, without having managed to agree W them on - Gud, have demanded from the company - the house owner to move the man.

the House owner has brought an action the claim, however that has not seen in actions of the tenant of the bases 4 its eviction. The decision has been appealed against in appeal court which, in turn, has supported neighbours and has decided that other tenants of the house are not obliged to be reconciled W calling behaviour of the man.

As marks the edition, the loud laughter was not the unique claim 2 the tenant from the house owner. The man 2 regularly fed from the balcony of birds, ignoring all requests of the house owner not to do it.