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to Sacred Olafu devoted Savonlinna

Travel companies of Petersburg will organise one - and two-day trips to Savonlinnu, however the most pleasant to go there by the car, slowly, having possibility to take pleasure in a perfect highway, paying attention to accurate and sound boweries, admiring neighbouring landscapes of northern neighbour. The MTG with Finland begins on a frontier point " Cowberry ". The line, let and not wide, all in two strips, is very reasonably organised regarding high-speed movement. Restriction of speed/ allows to move hour to 100 km QIK, without reducing speed EVN on turns as their radius is enough the big. Places of lifting or line descent are equipped by an additional strip, which gives the chance to low-speed transport (to tractors or trailers) to move aside, passing " BRO smaller ".

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In the majority of settlements speed is limited 80 km/ hour. In more or less large small towns and on crossroads with traffic lights speed can be lowered B4 60 km/ hour. And in large settlements it is not necessary to be dispersed above 50 km/ hour. Such high-speed mode, Gud marking and clear traffic signs, allow to overcome distance in 200 kilometres from state border B4 Savonlinny less than for 2,5 hours. If not to be fond of trips on destination vicinities, the full tank and the resolved ten litres of gasoline in the canister quite will suffice on to were spent on the Finnish refuellings where for litre of gasoline of the poor quality (98-) ask 1,55 euros. One more feature of driving: on a line often enough there are the signs warning ABT occurrence on road of elks, here it is necessary to be very attentive.

the New lock

Severo - the West of Russia W X on a XVIII-th century is a territory of constant rivalry of Sweden and Russia. On August, 12th, 1323, after 30 years of military operations, in a strong hold the Nutlet that in a source of the river of Neva, has been concluded the first peace treaty ABT an establishment of borders between the Novgorod earths and territory of the Swedish kingdom. In honour of a strong hold the Nutlet this contract has become history as the Orehovetsky world on which the western part of Karelian isthmus has departed to Swedes, and east part - from gulf of Finland on the river to the SIS, W Ladoga lake and further on severo - the West W an exit to gulf of Bothnia - was a part of the Novgorod earths. BTW, so favourable 4 novgorodtsev the contract was concluded by prince Yury Danilovich from Ryurik dynasty dynasty, the former Moscow prince and the founder of a strong hold a Nutlet which was lost from a sabre of Tver prince Dmitry Mihajlovicha, expecting " in a reception " the Tatar horde of a shortcut on great reigning.

Yes, times, of course, and 2DAY not sugar, but that a sabre, moreover in Q, moreover " in a reception "!

In 1475 4 protection of the frontier Swedish earths the governor of Vyborg Eric Akselson (Erik Axelsson Tott) has put on small, but the strategically favourably located rocky island a powerful strong hold of Njuslott, that is " the new lock ". By 1534 the lock W the settlement which has expanded round it and a new name of Olafsborg (the lock of Sacred Olafa) becomes the CTR of a province of Savo. However, in due course names have got the Finnish sounding: a strong hold - Olavinlinna, and a city, actually, the city status RCVed " only " in 1639, - Savonlinna.

that W8 for you in Savonlinne

the General distance from St.-Petersburg B4 Savonlinny - 360 kilometres, in a city lives about 28 thousand persons. It is located on the hilly peninsula which is surrounded with water and buried in verdure. Is Gud easy to take a walk on silent small streets and the unbounded quays of the city issued by moored boats, yachts and walking ancient two-storeyed teplohodikami. Here, on a mooring in the city centre it is possible to buy excursion to one of steam-ships. The most popular route - walk round two islands on which the Old part is located is proud, W survey of a strong hold of Olavinlinna. Such excursion, and it assumes including a narration in Russian, lasts about an hour, ships go W an interval in an hour and a half W 10. 30 B4 19. 15. Cost of the ticket 4 the adult makes 10 euros, 4 children from 4 till 14 years - 5 euros.

From city centre go on water areas of Saimaa and other cruises, in from two o`clock about one week, W calling on island Rokansaari (Rokansaari). There are also such romantic offers, as walk by the steam-ship under the moon. Goes on local waters and historical steam barka under name Mikko. It has been constructed in 1914 on a local shipyard in Savonlinne, carried when - that wood and plywood, and in the middle of 70 - h years of the last century has passed in museum city property and now rolls tourists. Thirsting to touch olden time it is necessary to leave about 20 euros, from children from 7 till 17 years for water walk ask 10 euros.

the Main place of interest of Savonlinny there is Olavinlinna. It is necessary to tell that this fortress is in a perfect status. High towers and stone walls which have grown into the granite basis, make strong impression. As fortifikatsionnoe the construction is a classical example of a medieval strong hold which was capable to hold a multimonthly siege and to confront with artillery. SOW, following the results of Northern war it has departed Russia. In the latest its stories the nice page when in July, 1788 Russian garrison number of 230 persons confronted 36 thousand Swedish armies which and could not take neither storm, nor a siege this strong hold is found out.

2DAY to get to it it is possible on the pontoon bridge, the strong hold is opened 4 visitation at week-days W 10. 00 B4 16. 00, and ATW W 11. 00 B4 16. 00. At 12, 13, 14 and 15 hours start excursions in Russian. In a strong hold some exhibitions and museum of local lore work. Cost of entrance tickets: six euros 4 adults, 4 students and pensioners the discount in one euro is provided, children from 7 till 17 years pass at half price, that is three euros. There is also a family ticket: two adults and the child are more senior seven years - 14 euros.

it is interesting to walk on powerful fortifications, to rise on towers and from above to examine vicinities, to glance in internal galleries W numbers of ancient guns. To marvel capacities of walls and an ingenuity of medieval builders which have taken out stone toilets for limits of serf towers at height 15 - 20 metres. The serf life - a separate subject which, unfortunately, is seldom shined in the literature, and therefore is possibility most personally to get acquainted with all medieval knowledge.

Finishing conversation on a strong hold, it is necessary to mention that every year in July its courtyard becomes a scenic platform of opera festival.

the Miscellany

Leaving EVN for couple of days, someone does not want, and someone cannot remain W/ O the Internet. Most simple - to come into cafe, in local library or, having stopped in hostel, to use free access to the network. If to stop in a cottage owners W/ O problems will share with you the PSWD of access. 4 those who prefers to have constantly communication with the world, it is possible to buy in Finland the mobile modem W prepaid - a package 4 the laptop and to get unlimited access to the Internet throughout all abiding in the country. Depending on speed of access monthly fee cost makes from 20 euros a MTH. Network activity to owners of smart phones, ryshchushchim on disorder open spaces of an electronic dump through SIM - a map will slightly more cheaply manage.

Hotel Saevonlinnan Seurahuone that on okoloberezhnoj to street Kauppatori, offers a single room at the price of 108 euros for number, including a breakfast. In hostel there is a vesper restaurant and night club. Fontana SPA Hotel ņasino it is ready to give in your order a double room in exchange for quite democratic 70 euros, and also to suggest to combine pleasant rest with water procedures.

it is possible to get acquainted With Finnish cuisine not only in hostels. Absolutely near to a strong hold, in the street Linnankatu, 11, there is a cosy cafe W house conditions. Excellent coffee, tea and a batch for all tastes plus   the free Internet.

Fair respect at Finns uses imperceptible by sight and small fish in sizes rjapushka. Meanwhile this one of the most gentle and tasty fishes on light, besides in it few small stones. To buy fresh rjapushku it is possible in " to the Bench of the fisherman " (Kalastajan koju) that on a floor space in Savonlinne. To try a dish from rjapushki it is possible here, in one of cafe or small restaurants.

Wishing it to be noted in shops it is possible to recommend to glance in the Swedish network H & M (Hennes & Mauritz), and before departure home (and it already concerns the majority of tourists) it is necessary to buy svezhesolenoj salmons or trout at the price of 22 euros for kg, trout caviar or to indulge itself with a smoked trout or an eel. In boundary shop Free Shop the strong part of mankind arms itself with the Finnish beer and the Swedish vodka, and a perfect part moroshkovym liquor and the Finnish chocolate Fazer.

Ah yes, planning a trip, do not lose sight that time in Savonlinne differs from Moscow at one o`clock which should be subtracted.