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Bryan Ferri has presented in Moscow a new album

Moscow, 17 sen - News. the British musician, the singer and frontmen legendary glem - fate of group Roxy Musis Bryan Ferri has acted in Moscow on a scene the Crocus of City of the Hall on Friday evening, not only having presented the new album, but also having executed the brightest hits of last years, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

B4 public of Ferri has appeared as always in a faultless suit, a white shirt and a tie. The musician has begun performance with one of the most well-known compositions of the repertoire - Slave To Love, than has forced many spectators to rise from places and to arrange in passes between numbers the improvised dancing. After this the singer has sung Boba Dilana two songs W own a cover - album Dylanesque which has been written down in 2007. Present album Olympia admirers W8 three years, and the compositions presented on it, became the first written down original compositions of the singer for last nine years.

On the screen located on a back of a scene, the abstract video series which has been specially picked up 4 ANY1 composition, alternated with clips of Ferri. On this background danced girls in bright sexual suits, and on each side scenes have settled down bek - vocalists from ensemble of the singer, of which Ferri ESP is proud, judging by its comments during time a press - conferences on the eve of a concert. Executing hit Don t Stop The Dan˝e, Ferri has settled down behind a synthesizer, and to a proscenium has invited the saxophonist who has played tool solo, repeating actions of the heroine of well-known musical video.

the First branch of a concert has come to the end with compositions from a new album of the singer which admirers had time to learn by heart as occurrence of Ferri in Moscow in April W8, however then it could not give a concert in capital as it has got to a part of the tour cancelled from - for the operations, transferred by the actor.

After long-awaited header track You ˝an Dan˝e from album Olympia have followed lyrical fate - ballads Alphaville and Song To The Siren. During execution of last on the video screen images of the British model Kate Moss who has decorated cover Olympia and which exhibition of photos of Ferri promises to arrange in Moscow in November flashed.

After a small break spectators slowly came back in a hall, and the scene was played already by the tool version of one more song from Bryan Ferri`s last plate - Hearta˝he By Numbers. Having presented, thus, the fresh album, the singer has decided to please admirers with old hits, having thanked spectators for warm reception. The program was continued by group Roxy Musis compositions - Smoke gets in your eyes, This love.

Public did not constrain the emotions - an applause and shouts " gallant! " have begun on If There Is Something, have passed to choral execution Like A Hurri˝ane, and from this point on the hall did not stop B4 the ending of a concert.

On the first chords Let Sti˝k Together spectators were pulled from the top numbers in an orchestra which soon began to remind a dancing zone of sport centre " Olympic ". Bryan Ferri greeted fans at stage edge, has shaken hands of the several quickest, has presented the musicians and has once again made a declaration of love to Moscow. However gathered at a scene obviously was not going so simply to release a substitute. Bryan Ferri surrounded with dancers who has gone down from the scaffolds, has given an encore of clockwork fate - n - rollnyj hit Hold On (I m ˝oming). Then nevertheless has left a scene under an unceasing applause. The most persevering fans have tried to occupy parts, however neither protection, nor the British after so bright and long show have not been located 2 continuation of evening. When the crowd was pulled from an exit the Crocus of City of the Hall towards the nearest station of underground, conversations of admirers which still overflowed emotions from C and heard, muffled a sound carried by on MKADu cars. " the excellent concert, Ferri has sung all LUVed hits. A Gud sound, and scene registration at height. I hope that it still will return " - one of ardent fans of Ferri in a vest W his name on a chest has told.