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Board of directors Twitter is reduced from nine B4 seven persons

NJU - York, 17 sen - News. Company management Twitter, owning popular service of microblogs W mullions-strong audience of users, declared on Friday that reduces board of directors from nine B4 seven persons, the newspaper " informs; Uoll strit dzhornel " (Wall Street Journal).

According to the edition, the decision to say goodbye to two heads has followed recent increase in financing Twitter in which result the total cost of the company has been estimated in 8 billion dollars.

In last MTH the British newspaper " Fajnenshl tajms " (Finan˝ial Times) informed that the Russian investment group DST Global has estimated capitalisation of a social network of microblogs Twitter in eight billions dollars, having bought 5 - a percentage share the Internet - the companies for 400 million dollars. According to the edition, besides 400 million the dollars invested DST Global, the same sum in Twitter is put by a consortium which includes share fund T Rowe Prise and IT - the fund operated bank group JPMorgan.

According to the informed source, which word results " Uoll strit dzhornel " the company will be left by key investors of Bajdzhen Sabet (Bijan Sabet) and Fred Wilson (Fred Wilson) which will replace in due course.

Representative Twitter has CFMed with leaving of businessmen, however has refused to make comments on the further succession of events. " Bajdzhen Sabet and Fred Wilson have played an important role in our success, and we are very grateful to them " - it is SPK in its statement. " both of them expected, than can become Twitter, before the majority of other people. We would like, that they have continued the contribution as investors in the company and as ardent users of our product " - the representative has noted.

Sabet and Wilson one of the first have enclosed means in the Internet - the company created in 2006. According to the source newspapers, leaving of two directors is connected with reduction in August of their share in the company capital.

Recently Twitter has already spent changes in management system: this year one of its founders Biz Stone (Biz Stone) has left the company, and another - Evan Uilliams (Evan Williams) has ceased to be engaged in operative activity, remained the councillor of directors.