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Riga as a hothouse of Russian democracy

In Riga there are negotiations between two most successful participants of recent parliamentary elections – " Russian-speaking " the CTR of the Consent and Party of reforms of president Valdis Zatlers. Most likely, the sensation will not occur, and the Party of reforms will correct in a coalition W any of other Latvian parties to avoid charges in change to fatherland. But already fact that   " Russian-speaking " the party for the first time for 20 years has RCVed chance to enter into ruling coalition, SPK about main recesses in Latvia.

Victory on elections in Latvia parties " the consent CTR " supporting the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the country, encourages, first of all, because destroys taken roots stereotypes ABT Russian. Very often it is necessary to hear that Russian are incapable to unite W/ O a supervising role of the totalitarian state and the leader W an indispensable cult of personality. And so, in Latvia have united and have selected the strongest party in the country – have RCVed almost 29 percent of votes. Correct Latvia this party cannot, and here force to listen 2 the voice, to solve concrete problems – can. And there was this association W/ O support " the historical native land " and W/ O old Soviet songs. In " the consent CTR " there are different leaders, but anybody does not call for return to the USSR from them practically. Ideology " the consent CTR " it is expressed by the following formula: " We - not the fifth column, not invaders and not sovgrazhdane, dreaming AGN to wake up in Soviet Union. We are citizens of the European country who want to live in it and not to be ashamed of the language and culture ".

On a way 2 success leaders " the consent CTR " have bypassed some political traps to which, alas, on - former the patriotic organisations in the Russia often get. In - the first, " the consent CTR " is a party not only Russian, and all minority in Latvia. Among its target audience – both local Poles, and Jews, and those Latvians who does not have allergy to visitors. In - the second, " the consent CTR " rejects not civilised methods of struggle. The party intends to achieve the purposes   in parliament, the blessing the Latvian diet – this place 4 discussions. Yes, executive power in Latvia here builds 20 years the national state, and the end it is not visible to it. But in the conditions of democracy it not such tragedy, as, say, building of ethnically uniform Turkmenistan where Krasnovodsk has turned in Turkmenbashi, and Kushka – in Serhetabad W/ O any referenda. In Latvia, except the ministerial officials who have, say, nearby left from Turkmenbashi, is also parliament, and an independent press.

As in angry and troublemaking " Russian world " Could blossom such civilised " a flower " as party " the consent CTR "? Oddly, a hothouse 4 it built from both parties latvijsko - the Russian border. On the one hand, the film was pulled by local nationalists, party type " All 4 Latvia ". W another, a kitchen garden fenced a grief - defenders from Moscow, more often, communists and too nationalists, only Russian. These friends for twenty years have brought to compatriots in Latvia as much advantage, how much middle age of a trestle brings milk. However, no, the certain advantage of all of them - taki was. The otioseness they have accustomed Russian to count in Latvia only on own forces. This idea – a support on own forces – AAM, it is useful to all political spectrum, from left B4 the right. In Riga it realised – on elections.