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Inhabitant Aksaja is detained for attempt to blow up a self-made bomb in church

Rostov - ON - Don, 21 sen - News. Police officers have detained townsman Aksaja of the Rostov region suspected of attempt to put in action an improvised explosive device in one of city churches, has informed News the employee a press - services of private security regional GUMVD Olga Volik.

As she said, the man 1980 year of birth was included into church and has declared that is going to blow up a premise then has set fire to the thermos brought W self. Explosion has not sounded only because it has unsuccessfully set fire to a self-made bomb.

" In a thermos bolts and nails lay. After an arson the device has flashed and has gone out. At this time someone by means of the disturbing button has called protection. After the alarm system has worked, is investigatory - the operative group of detention was on a place in three minutes and has detained the man " - Volik has told.

She has added that the arrested person is delivered in a pre-trial detention centre, the investigation is carried on.

Criminal case is raised as regards 1 article 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (hooliganism). Punishment provides till five years of imprisonment.