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The GAI officer brought down the pedestrian in Moscow

The employee of traffic police again became the participant of road accident. Last night the inspector of traffic police who was at the wheel Audi, brought down the pedestrian in the capital southeast.

under the available data, the 25-year-old lieutenant of militia from service went to free time on Audi-100, issued on it by proxy. About the house 157 under the Volgograd prospectus it brought down the pedestrian passing road in not put place. The man rejected on vstrechku, and VAZ of the fourteenth model in addition drove into it.

the victim took away in hospital with an open craniocereberal trauma, informs “Interfax“.

In Samara recently detained the GAI officer who in the beginning of September to death brought down the pedestrian and disappeared from a scene of crime. On it criminal case is got, there is an investigation.


Besides, yesterday in Moscow there was a large robbery. At the young girl stole Jaguar X-tupe, cost of 1,5 million roubles. Unknown criminals, threatening with a pistol, landed the girl from the car with transit numbers on Mira prospectus, and disappeared in an unknown direction.

however militiamen in two hours found the stolen car in Moscow suburbs and detained car thieves. The unemployed 1986 and 1982 year of birth appeared them. Jaguars returned to the owner, informs RIA Novosti news agency.