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Soitiro Honda based the company Honda the Motor in a city of Hamamatsu, vjaponii. It started to deliver on the market of Japan simple and ekonomichnyetransportnye means, in which during this period so sharply nuzhdalasstrana. At the heart of its activity the huge personal interest kdvigateljam internal combustion and desire to work lay. Ispolzujamalenkie, the engines which have remained since war, Honda Motornachala company the existence from manufacture of bicycles with the motor.

Vskoreposle of the occurrence the company Honda the Motor started to project isozdavat own engines and motorcycles. Already at that time staloochevidno that the company becomes creative and innovative force vavtomobilestroitelnoj to the industry. Already then creating itself in Japoniireputatsiju in the field of quality, good eksplutatsionnyh characteristics inadezhnosti, motorcycles Honda still were not reputable also for trust vmirovom scale.

However the situation changed in 1959 when Honda received mirovoepriznanie after victories over many well-known evropejskimiproizvoditeljami motorcycles in the greatest and most prestizhnyhmirovyh competitions. Together with this recognition a trade mark of Hondastala a quality symbol and exclusive tehnicheskihharakteristik.

Sales volumes of motorcycles Honda in the world immediately otrazilizarabotannuju huge work reputation and already shortly sostavilitsifru big, than sales of any of others European or amerikanskihmoto-manufacturers. Speaking in other words, Honda became number one vmir!

Stremjask to expansion of the role in avtomobilestroitelnoj the industries, tverdopriderzhivajas basic philosophy, Honda exhausted pervyjavtomobil in 1960. The first cars were small, sportivnymimashinami, as well as motorcycles which the company exhausted before, won fine reputation for quality and characteristics.

in 1966 Honda began manufacture nabolshih sedans and cherezchetyre year began to export the first cars, Honda 600, vrazlichnye the world countries. While these cars laid doroguavtomobiljam with the stamp Honda, engineers of the company started to razrabotkedrugogo the midget car intended for world rynkaekonomichnyh of cars. HondaSivik presented to public in 1973 and instantly prinjatyjpokupateljami all over the world became result of long-term workings out.

the company continues to deliver Steh of a time as Honda started for the first time manufacture of cars, on the world market whole gammutransportnyh means with low fuel consumption. In a basis kazhdogoavtomobilja, created Honda, puts a necessity principle sozdatekologicheski the pure car which is saving up energy and resources and at etomotvechajushchuju all requirements of buyers. From the date of the osnovanijakompanija Honda the Motor developed with phenomenal speed iprevratilas in the leading company with the deserved reputation in oblastiproizvodstva vehicles. Similar launch to heights mirovojizvestnosti became possible thanks to many factors, however one izsamyh the obvious reasons is the complete approach of the company Honda krazrabotke technologies. For the company Honda - technologies (engineering) - this all. It means that it is much more important to define and predvidetpotrebnosti buyers and societies - and even to offer novyetehnologii, sootvetststvujushchie to these requirements, than predlagatproduktsiju, created on already existing technologies. Honda dobilasuspeha not only thanks to passion inherent in it to the newest technologies istremleniju to try to make what nobody does, but takzhepotomu that Honda is very vigorous company, which prisushchduh healthy rivalry. And it includes as konkurentsijuindividuumov, and interaction and joint efforts in a command.

success of employees of the company Honda admits all over the world. However odnuiz awards it is necessary to allocate especially - inclusion in Automobile the Glory Hall vminlande, the State of Michigan. Mr. Honda and became this time the trailblazer - the first of Japanese received this prestigious award. On tseremoniinagrazhdenija on October, 10th, 1989 Mr. Honda told: It as a fairy tale. JAtak it is happy that I can add this new page to the life .

Dreams of our founders continue to live with us. Fidelity kazhdogosotrudnika the companies, adherence to creativity and idea of creation otlichnojproduktsii by indefatigable searches Honda in the field of probes irazrabotok allowed the company to achieve such successes which anybody, except its founders, could not expect at all.